Should I Drink My Own Urine?

Should I Drink My Own Urine?A little while back I watched a video on YouTube where Ariel Helwani was interviewing Yoshizo Machida, the father of UFC fighter Lyoto Machida. Now, it’s well-known in the MMA community that Lyoto starts off each day by drinking a nice tall, warm glass of his own urine. Lyoto has said that he learned this practice from his father. You can likely imagine where Ariel’s interview with Lyoto Machida’s father goes when the topic of drinking urine comes up.

But before we get to that, let’s find out exactly why Yoshizo drinks his own urine.

Yoshizo says that he drinks his own urine for health reasons. He says that drinking your own urine helps to flush out your system and to clean it. Yoshizo then goes on to tell a story about how Lyoto once had a persistent cough that just wouldn’t go away. When he began drinking his own urine, the cough disappeared shortly after Lyoto added drinking his own urine to his morning regimen. Yoshizo also adds that drinking the urine is like a vaccine.

Drinking urine for health benefits isn’t something unique to the Machida family. The practice of urine-drinking actually goes back thousands of years and has roots in Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian cultures.

But what’s in urine that (supposedly) makes it so beneficial to one’s health? Actually, your pee is mostly water. Urine is around 95% water and then 5% vitamins and nutrients that your body has filtered through its blood via the liver and kidneys. Because of this intense filtering process, urine is sterile and safe to drink.

With that little tidbit of knowledge, it kind of makes sense to drink your urine. It’s water, which is a good thing, and a cocktail of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, which are also good. But many doctors feel that there’s little to no health benefit to drinking your own urine. Some think that it may actually have a detrimental effect since your body then has to process a highly concentrated glass of urine each time you drink it.

So does this mean you should drink your own urine? Not really. If it’s something you’re curious about, go ahead. Chances are it won’t hurt you. And if you think that it will have a positive effect on your overall health, maybe it will. That’s the placebo effect and the result of positive thinking!

Without further adieu, check out the video in question below where you can see Yoshizo Machida drink his own urine: