Healthy Options for Beef Jerky Snacks

Healthy Options for Beef Jerky SnacksYesterday I came clean about how I’ve become addicted to beef jerky. It’s helping me lay off the potato chips and I get a bit of protein out of it so it’s not completely bad. The one variety that I’ve been eating lately is Jack Link’s, which if you look at the list of the ingredients, isn’t likely the best option for a meat-based snack food. It’s loaded with salt, MSG, and nitrates as well. Fortunately there are other options in the same price range that are a healthier.

Oberto has a variety of all-natural jerky products which are minimally processed, have no artificial ingredients, contain no added preservatives, no MSG, and no nitrates, other than those which occur naturally. Oh, and did I mention that in addition to the typical beef jerky options in a variety of flavors, Oberto also has BACON jerky? It looks like bacon, tastes like bacon, is chewy like bacon that’s slightly under-cooked, and it’s delicious. The only thing that throws me off is that it’s cold, because otherwise, you’d swear it’s bacon you just cooked!

Krave is another brand that is doing jerky for the people who care about what they’re putting in their bodies. Most (if not all) varieties do not contain any MSG, contain only natural cane syrup, no high fructose corn syrup, and no nitrates other than those which occur naturally. Krave has many flavors and even has a line of turkey jerky as well.

The final meat-based snack I’m going to recommend isn’t your traditional jerky. It’s actually Onnit’s Warrior Bar which is a buffalo meat-based bar. The meat used comes from prairie-fed buffalo and contains no antibiotics or added hormones. The bar itself has no MSG, no soy, no lactose, and it’s gluten-free as well. The ingredients contain buffalo meat, dried cranberries, sea salt, a blend of peppers, spices, garlic, and onion powder. If the combination of cranberries and meat sounds a little strange to you, know that it’s actually an old recipe that the Lokota Sioux Indians have been using for centuries.

There are many other options from a variety of farms who produce grass-fed jerky, but it tends to be very expensive, likely because it’s produced in such small quantities. If money is no object for you, these jerkies are likely a great option as it’s coming directly from the source. However, the above mentioned brands are all worth a try and should be available at most big box stores throughout North America. The one exception of course is the Onnit Warrior Bar, which can be ordered directly from the Onnit website.