Onnit Now Has 100% Pure Premium MCT Oil

Onnit Now Has 100% Pure Premium MCT OilThis one kind of slipped by me.

I received an email from Onnit a little while back that detailed its introduction of MCT oil. I made a mental note of it to dedicate a short blog post about this new product but for whatever reason, I forgot to do just that. Maybe it’s because I still had a bottle of MCT oil in my cupboard. Maybe it’s because it seems like a product that Onnit should have had all along. Or maybe it’s because it just wasn’t something that was all that groundbreaking, but I understand that a lot of you guys who order Onnit products might want a short synopsis on this new Onnit food item.

Many of you might be familiar with MCT oil because of Bulletproof or butter coffee. Along with grass-fed butter, MCT oil is one of the key ingredients of butter coffee. The MCT oil Onnit had on its website for the longest time was the Bulletproof-branded MCT oil. The company seems to be phasing out Bulletproof products in favor of its own Onnit brand items, which is understandable. First was the introduction of the Caveman/Onnit Coffee custom blend, and now Onnit has its own MCT oil so you don’t need to rely on expensive Bulletproof MCT oil.

Comparing Onnit and Bulletproof MCT oil, Onnit’s is made from 100% pure coconut oil while Bulletproof MCT oil is made from a combination of palm and coconut oil. Both are a quick and healthy source of carbohydrates and can be used as a source of energy that isn’t stored as fat in the body. Both are flavorless and odorless and can be added to coffee, smoothies, salads, and shakes. Onnit’s is a little bit cheaper, costing only $1.93 per 2 fl. oz while the Bulletproof brand MCT oil costs $1.93 per 2 fl oz. Caveman Coffee MCT oil is the cheapest of the bunch, costing just $1.56 per 2 fl. oz. and it comes in a cool glass bottle you can rinse out and use afterwards.

So which one should you buy? If you’re ordering Onnit products, give the Onnit MCT oil a try. If you want more MCT oil for your buck, try the Caveman Coffee MCT oil. Either way, I personally try to avoid anything “Bulletproof” after learning about how shady Dave Asprey’s marketing actually is.