What is the MobilityWOD Super Nova Ball?

What is the MobilityWOD Super Nova Ball?On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Bryan Callen (episode #557 to be exact), Joe mentioned something about a MobilityWOD (Workout of the Day) Super Nova Ball. He didn’t go into much detail about what it was, and because I was listening to the podcast rather than watching it, I had no idea what this ball was, what it looked like, or what this ball actually did. So what exactly is the Mobility Workout of the Day Super Nova Ball?

I was expecting a piece of exercise equipment, but it’s not. Not in the sense that you use it for exercising, but rather you use it after you’ve exercised.

The Super Nova Ball looks like something out of American Gladiators. It’s a little larger than a softball and it has spikes all around it. But not sharp spikes. They’re actually flat. The ball is to be used instead of a lacrosse ball or foam roller to massage your tender and aching joints and muscles.

To be honest I’ve never used such a device and I’m still not sure exactly how to use it, but from the pictures I’ve seen, you simply press it hard into the parts of your body that hurt and you roll it around. The nubs on the ball dig into your tissues and give them a deep massage. Some people use the aforementioned foam rollers and lacrosse balls or softballs, but this ball is designed specifically for massaging your body. You can even sit on it and roll it on your thighs or butt, or lay down on top of it to massage your chest.

Joe seems to like his and so do the people who’ve explored other options. Check it out if you suffer from sore and aching joints and muscles, or simply if you want to promote flexibility and to reduce muscle fatigue and tightness.