Why You Shouldn’t Drink Your Own Pee

Why You Shouldn't Drink Your Own PeeA couple weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Lyoto Machida and how he and members of his family drink their own pee. I’m not talking about pee from one of those trips to the bathroom where the urine is clear, almost like water. Nope. These guys drink the first pee of the day, which is likely the biggest one of the day, and probably the one that’s the deepest shade of yellow, almost orange in color. However, it turns out that it may not be a good idea to drink your own pee after all.

When I wrote that blog post I came away with the feeling that it doesn’t offer any benefits to the urine drinker, but it really doesn’t harm them. If it’s something they think will have a positive effect on their lives, then maybe it will. The mind and the power of suggestion is a powerful thing.

Yesterday, one of my favorite gadget websites posted an interesting article on why you should definitely not drink your own urine.

Turns out that the old adage “Urine is sterile. You can drink it.” that many people picked up from Fight Club isn’t exactly true. Urine is around 95% percent water as I mentioned in my previous article, but what I wasn’t aware of is that urine actually contains bacteria. As a result, it’s not completely sterile. This is because many bacterial colonies call our urinary tracts home. Some of this bacteria will find its way into our urine, and when we drink it, into our mouths and into our bodies again.

As the article also points out, some people think that if they’re ever in a tough situation where they’re without food and water for an extend period of time, they could always drink their urine. That is technically true, but it can actually dehydrate the drinker even faster due to the high sodium content. So if you’re like that guy who had his arm trapped between the boulders, don’t drink your piss despite how thirsty you may become.

I don’t want to reproduce the entire article here, so if you’re thinking about setting down that warm glass of urine and reading a few more reasons why you don’t need to drink your own pee, head over to Gizmodo to read this article in full.