Fitbit Announces Three New Activity Trackers

Fitbit Announces Three New Activity TrackersI wrote a week or two ago about the new activity tracker that Fitbit has in the pipeline, a smart watch-type device called the Surge. It has a larger screen compared to Fitbit’s previous offerings, providing users with a range of important data they once needed a smart phone to view. The Surge seems designed for people who are active rather than people who are trying to become more active. It has a built-in GPS and keeps track of your running or cycling, and it can keep tabs on your heart rate as well to ensure you’re getting it up where it should be. This new wearable is priced at $250 and will be released sometime next year.

The two other new wearables that Fitbit is releasing I didn’t write about last week, but I will cover in this blog post. They are more in line with what the company has previously released and are updated versions of those devices.

The first of these new activity trackers I’ll look at is the Charge, which is essentially an upgraded version of the Fitbit Force. It’s about the same size with a similar screen and you can expect it to last about seven days, which is the same as the Force. However, the Charge has an updated textured band which will hopefully not include any nickel, which gave a lot of people rashes last year. The Charge also has an improved sleep function which no longer requires you to tell it when you’re sleeping. It’s now smart enough to know when you are sleeping and keep track of it for you automatically. The Charge is available now for $130.

The final of the third activity trackers to be released by Fitbit is the Charge HR, and this will also be coming next year much like the Surge. The Charge HR is basically the same as the Charge yet it features an integrated heart rate monitor. It may not be as accurate as some of the straps that wrap around your chest like serious athletes wear, but it’s certainly cheaper and more convenient. The one caveat is that the heart rate monitoring ability will drop the battery life of the Charge HR from seven days to five compared to the basic Charge. As I mentioned, the Charge HR will be released next year and it will be priced at $150.