Onnit Introduces New Sculpted Quad Mace

Much like Onnit’s Primal Bells, Zombie Bells, and Legend Bells, the sculpted Quad Mace is almost as much artwork to be admired as it is a functional piece of exercise equipment.

In fact, the Onnit Quad Mace was actuaOnnit Introduces New Sculpted Quad Macelly inspired by artwork, or at least the artwork of Alex Grey.

If you’re unfamiliar Alex’s work, one could describe it as psychedelic, to put it lightly. It’s easy to see that his art was done by someone under the influence of hallucinogenic substances. While that’s not my thing, it definitely appeals to both Onnit owners, Aubrey Marcus and Joe Rogan. Joe actually had Alex on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience a while back and they dove deep into the topic of drugs and artwork.

As far as the club itself goes, The Quad Mace is crafted with a slip resistant ash wood handle with a hand-sculpted cast iron head, complete with a bronze locking cap on the top. The handle is extra long, designed to provide more leverage, and it’s perfectly balanced to offer a safe workout just as a typical mace would give you. When you’re not exercising with it, stand it up in a corner. Your friends and family will likely think it’s the staff or scepter of a powerful ancient God or King. You can let them believe that if you so wish.

There’s additional information about why the “quad face” was chosen for the design of this mace, so if you’re curious about the origins of the design I suggest you head over to the product page for a more detailed breakdown.

The Onnit Quad Mace is currently available in just one size, weighing 25 lbs. and retailing for just under $150. I can’t say for certain whether Aubrey and co. will release additional Quad Maces in heavier weights, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw more sculpted maces hit the Onnit website in the coming months.