What is Maple Water?

What is Maple Water?When I think of maple, I instantly think of maple syrup. I think of of pancakes, and I think of waffles. I then think about maple glazed donuts, either with some bacon on top or without. Either way is good to me. There’s even maple-flavored whisky from Crown Royal. But did you know this tree juice can actually be healthy for you?

On a recent fight companion podcast of The Joe Rogan Experience, Onnit Labs co-owner and psychedelic adventurer Aubrey Marcus mentioned maple water and that he was looking into possibly carrying a maple water product. He also said that it was as good, if not a little better for you, than coconut water. But how can something that’s associated with sugary junk food be a health food product?

The sap that comes out of the trees is actually the maple water concentrated by two percent. The thick, golden, sugary sweet syrup you’d pour on your pancakes is concentrated by roughly 66 percent. As you can see, the concentration of sugar is much, much greater in the syrup form compared to water.

Once the maple water sap is harvested from the trees, it’s transported to a facility where it is pasteurized and sterilized before it’s packaged and transported to store shelves where it sits alongside coconut water.

And coconut water is what maple water is most often compared to. A couple of advantages of maple water over coconut water is that maple trees can be found all over the eastern North America, unlike coconut-producing palm trees which are typically found in tropical climates. In addition, most people have already developed a taste and affinity to maple, while coconut water is certainly an acquired taste. Both offer similar health benefits as well.

Check back soon for a further post which will outline the health benefits of maple water, and learn how coconut water compares to maple water in terms of electrolytes, sugar content, and–most importantly–price!

If you can’t wait until then, head over to Amazon where you can order a couple maple water products including tetras from Vertical and Wahta.