Onnit Introduces New Harpy Legend Bells Kettlebell

Onnit Introduces New Harpy Legend Bells KettlebellOnnit has just dropped the latest in its series of Legend Bells kettlebells, this time it’s the Harpy.

While I had heard the term “harpy” before, I wasn’t exactly sure what one was. My Googling has uncovered that harpy is a female monster from Greek mythology that’s a combination of a human and a bird.

The Harpy Legend Bell weighs in at 12kg or 27lbs. for you Americans. Is it a coinicidence that the lightest of the Legend Bells has the face of a woman? Is this kettlebell designed for women? I’m going to give Onnit the benefit of the doubt and say that the company is not hinting that women are only capable of lifting small amounts of weight. We don’t want the social justice warriors to get angry.

All joking aside, the sculpt for this one is really cool. The sides and top of the kettlebell feature feathers and the front has the angular yet feminine face of the harpy. The rear is inscribed with the weight of the Legend Bell and the Onnit logo.

Like all of Onnit’s specialty kettlebells, the Harpy Legend Bell was 3D scanned and sculpted multiple times to ensure that it’s perfectly balanced. That’s important with a kettlebell, as you don’t want the weight to be improperly balanced to one side, leading you to be off on your throws, resulting in possible injury.

The Legend Bells are all crafted with chip-resistant iron and feature an enlarged handle to increase your grip strength as you increase the size of your muscles.

You can head over to the Onnit website now where you can purchase the Harpy Legend Bell and all the others in this specialty line. The Harpy retails for just $65, which is less than I was expecting. Grab one today before they’re gone!