Zombie Bells Kettlebells Return and are In Stock at Onnit!

Zombie Bells Kettlebells Return and are In Stock at Onnit!The Zombie Bells kettlebells from Onnit were first introduced nearly two years ago by Onnit. They were originally a limited item, meaning a certain amount were made, sold, and then they disappeared. But, much like a zombie, the Onnit Zombie Bells have returned from the dead.

That’s right, the Onnit Zombie Bells kettlebells are now back in stock at Onnit and can be ordered right now. No longer will you get the “Out of Stock” message on the page. If you missed out on these the first time around, don’t sleep. These will disappear like they did the first time. But will they be back? No one knows.

If you’re unfamiliar with Zombie Bells, they’re a lot like the other more recent specialty kettlebells from Onnit, like the full line of Primal Bells and Legend Bells. The Zombie Bells are 3D sculpted to ensure perfect balance so they function just as a normal kettlebell would, they feature enlarged grips to improve grip strength, and they’re crafted with chip-resistant iron, meaning these things will last you until the zombie apocalypse actually happens.

The Onnit Zombie Bells are available in five varieties:

Below you can see an image of all the Zombie Bells, listed from left to right in the order that I listed their weights from largest to smallest.

Onnit Zombie Bells Kettlebells

If you like what you see, head over to the Onnit website and pick one (or all!) of them up before they’re gone for good. Or, until next year when they might crawl out of their graves again to feast on more brains. Mmm, protein.