Save 10% Off Onnit Alpha Brain and 12% Off Onnit New Mood!

Save 10% Off Onnit Alpha Brain and 12% Off Onnit New Mood!Onnit is running a sale–and has been for the past week or so, my apologies for not alerting you all sooner–on two of its most popular supplements: Alpha Brain and New Mood.

Onnit Alpha Brain is currently on sale at 10 percent off its regular retail price. You can save nearly $25 when you purchase a 45-day supply, and save slightly less money (over $10 on a 30-day supply) when you purchase a smaller supply. There is also a bonus offer in which you will receive a free e-book on nootropics. This package deal will certainly be attractive to people new to nootropics and the Alpha Brain supplement, but those who use Alpha Brain regularly can certainly take advantage of this offer as well.

Similarly, Onnit New Mood is also currently on sale. However, there is no free e-book with this particular deal, and you must enter an Onnit promo coupon code in order to purchase New Mood at its discounted price. When prompted during the checkout process, simply enter NEWESTMOOD to save 12 off your purchase of New Mood.

Both the Alpha Brain e-book offer and the New Mood coupon code will expire on Saturday, October 31, 2015, so act soon!

The use of the term “newestmood” makes me think that there could be a new formula or version of Onnit New Mood around the corner, which might be why Onnit is running a promo. Perhaps Onnit wants to clear out its old stock to make way for newer stock. This might also be the case for the Alpha Brain sale, and thanks to Brendan Schaub mentioning it on his podcast The Fighter and the Kid, there IS a new version of Alpha Brain coming out called Alpha Brain Instant.

Keep checking back here for more news and release information on Onnit’s newest supplement, Alpha Brain Instant.