Zombie Bells Kettlebells Return and are In Stock at Onnit!

Zombie Bells Kettlebells Return and are In Stock at Onnit!The Zombie Bells kettlebells from Onnit were first introduced nearly two years ago by Onnit. They were originally a limited item, meaning a certain amount were made, sold, and then they disappeared. But, much like a zombie, the Onnit Zombie Bells have returned from the dead.

That’s right, the Onnit Zombie Bells kettlebells are now back in stock at Onnit and can be ordered right now. No longer will you get the “Out of Stock” message on the page. If you missed out on these the first time around, don’t sleep. These will disappear like they did the first time. But will they be back? No one knows.

If you’re unfamiliar with Zombie Bells, they’re a lot like the other more recent specialty kettlebells from Onnit, like the full line of Primal Bells and Legend Bells. The Zombie Bells are 3D sculpted to ensure perfect balance so they function just as a normal kettlebell would, they feature enlarged grips to improve grip strength, and they’re crafted with chip-resistant iron, meaning these things will last you until the zombie apocalypse actually happens.

The Onnit Zombie Bells are available in five varieties:

Below you can see an image of all the Zombie Bells, listed from left to right in the order that I listed their weights from largest to smallest.

Onnit Zombie Bells Kettlebells

If you like what you see, head over to the Onnit website and pick one (or all!) of them up before they’re gone for good. Or, until next year when they might crawl out of their graves again to feast on more brains. Mmm, protein.

Onnit’s Bigfoot Sasquatch Primal Bells Kettlebell Now Available!

Onnit's Bigfoot Sasquatch Primal Bells Kettlebell Now Available!Late last week Onnit finally released what it has been teasing for literally months: the Onnit Bigfoot Primal Bells kettlebell! Yup, the same one that The Rock uses. If you get one, you’ll be big and strong like him! (Just kidding, normal people likely can’t even lift the thing.)

On the topic of weight, the Onnit Bigfoot/Sasquatch Primal Bell tips the scales at a hefty 2.5 pood, or 90.28 lbs. Not quite 100 lbs. yet still enough to make you feel like a wimp when you realize there’s no way you’ll be able to exercise with the thing. Maybe start off with the Howler, move on to the Chimp, then to the Orangutan, followed by the Gorilla, and then give Bigfoot a try.

But you don’t necessarily need to exercise with the thing. I know there are some people who just collect the Primal Bells, Zombie Bells (sold out), and Legend Bells to display in the home as decoration. The sculpts are cool enough that a collection of them can act as artwork in the home.

Each one of Onnit’s kettlebells and specialty bells are made with chip-resistant iron so they’re virtually bomb-proof. They’re all balanced as well, so they’re fully functional and can be used daily. You don’t necessarily need to keep these on display and never use them. Beat them up and they’ll still look amazing. Some people even go so far as to paint them to take it to the next level.

You’ll notice that I’m referring to the Bigfoot kettlebell as a Primal Bell rather than a Legend Bell. Despite the fact that Bigfoot doesn’t actually exist, Onnit released the Bigfoot kettlebell under its Primal Bells line rather than the Legend Bells line. Confused? I am too.

The Bigfoot Primal Bell kettlebell is available now on the Onnit Labs website, priced at just under $215. Order one and feel bad for the poor sap who will have to drag it up the stairs to your doorstep.



New Video Sneak Preview of the New Onnit Bigfoot Legend Bells Kettlebell

New Video Sneak Preview of the New Onnit Bigfoot Legend Bells KettlebellLast week I posted photographic evidence of the existence of Bigfoot. Today, courtesy of The Rock, I bring you video evidence as well.

Yes, the latest entry in Onnit’s Legend Bells line is the Bigfoot kettlebell, and Onnit is sending it out to all the cool kids. First Brendan Schaub and Joe Rogan got theirs last week, and then The Rock got his today. Soon, former WWE wrestler and soon-to-be UFC fighter CM Punk will be getting a couple of Bigfoot Legend Bells as well.

Although the Bigfoot Legend Bell isn’t available just yet, the Werewolf, Cyclops, and Harpy Legend Bells are in stock and ready to ship. Just head over to the Onnit Labs website and add one to your shopping cart before they’re all scooped up.

Not much is known about the release date of the Bigfoot Legend bell, although in a new video posted by The Rock on his Instagram account, he did drop that each of the Bigfoot Legend Bells will weigh 100 lbs. so at least we know that much.

Bookmark this page and check back soon for news on the release date of the Bigfoot Legend Bell along with other related details.


Sneak Preview of the New Onnit Bigfoot Legend Bells Kettlebell!

Sneak Preview of the New Onnit Bigfoot Legend Bells Kettlebell!Just as Onnit dropped the new Harpy Legend Bells kettlebell, Brendan “Big Brown” Schaub has dropped a sneak preview of the upcoming Bigfoot Legend Bell!

Yesterday, Brendan posted an image of the new Bigfoot Legend Bell on his Instagram with the caption “Oooooh hell naaaah!!!!! @onnit found Big Foot! Brace yourselves. If you’re scared, I get it.

Other than knowing what the new Legend Bell looks like, there are no other details leaked about the Bigfoot kettlebell. One could assume that this will be much larger than the new Harpy Legend Bell, and likely bigger than both the Cyclops and Werewolf Legend Bells. Like the existence of the Sasquatch himself, the release date for the Bigfoot Legend Bell remains a mystery.

Check back soon to find out exactly when this bad boy is released.

Onnit Introduces New Harpy Legend Bells Kettlebell

Onnit Introduces New Harpy Legend Bells KettlebellOnnit has just dropped the latest in its series of Legend Bells kettlebells, this time it’s the Harpy.

While I had heard the term “harpy” before, I wasn’t exactly sure what one was. My Googling has uncovered that harpy is a female monster from Greek mythology that’s a combination of a human and a bird.

The Harpy Legend Bell weighs in at 12kg or 27lbs. for you Americans. Is it a coinicidence that the lightest of the Legend Bells has the face of a woman? Is this kettlebell designed for women? I’m going to give Onnit the benefit of the doubt and say that the company is not hinting that women are only capable of lifting small amounts of weight. We don’t want the social justice warriors to get angry.

All joking aside, the sculpt for this one is really cool. The sides and top of the kettlebell feature feathers and the front has the angular yet feminine face of the harpy. The rear is inscribed with the weight of the Legend Bell and the Onnit logo.

Like all of Onnit’s specialty kettlebells, the Harpy Legend Bell was 3D scanned and sculpted multiple times to ensure that it’s perfectly balanced. That’s important with a kettlebell, as you don’t want the weight to be improperly balanced to one side, leading you to be off on your throws, resulting in possible injury.

The Legend Bells are all crafted with chip-resistant iron and feature an enlarged handle to increase your grip strength as you increase the size of your muscles.

You can head over to the Onnit website now where you can purchase the Harpy Legend Bell and all the others in this specialty line. The Harpy retails for just $65, which is less than I was expecting. Grab one today before they’re gone!