Details on Fitbit’s New Wearable Activity Tracker, the Fitbit Surge

Details on Fitbit's New Wearable Activity Tracker, the Fitbit SurgeDetails about the new Fitbit Surge activity tracker were recently leaked by the people over at The Verge. It looks like the latest version of the Fitbit will be hopping aboard the smart watch craze.

The nice thing about previous iterations of Fitbit wearables is that they were cheap. They were priced at less than $100 and because they didn’t have screens, they worked with a smartphone to help keep the price down. Everyone has a phone with them nowadays, so it wasn’t really necessary for Fitbit fitness trackers to have screens. You could just pull out your phone to check your stats throughout the day. Plus the Fitbit Flex and Force wearables were minimal enough that they could be passed off as an unassuming rubber bracelet, not unlike one of those Live Strong ones that everyone was wearing a decade ago.

The Fitbit Surge seems to be aimed at people who exercise more frequently than those who would likely buy the Fitbit Flex or Force. Along with a screen, the Surge has a built-in GPS for keeping tabs on your route while running or cycling and a heart rate monitor to see if you’re in the right range. Runners and cyclists will especially find this information useful, but the device will still monitor stairs climbed and calories burned when you’re not exercising like previous versions of Fitbit wearables. But all these new features will cost you. While previous versions were priced at $100 or less, the new Fitbit Surge will run you $250.

The silver lining to this is that there’s no need to carry around a smartphone with you. If you’re going for a run or a hike, you might not want to lug your phone with you to keep tabs on your progress. But let’s face it, a lot of people use their phones for listening to music, and the majority of people keep a phone with them at all times in case they need to be contacted. I can’t imagine that many people will be ditching their phones while they exercise in favor of keeping the Fitbit Surge with them.

The other issue I see with the Fitbit is that there are so many new smart watches becoming available. The iWatch is in the pipeline and there are already multiple smart watches available for the Android platform. If these watches become as popular as Apple, LG, Sony, and Samsung hope they will, people likely won’t wear a Fitbit Surge on one wrist and a smart watch on the other. I feel that if someone wants a smart watch, they’ll choose that over an activity tracker, perhaps opting for a Fitbit Flex or Force rather than the bloated Fitbit Surge. Sure, Fitbit promises that the Surge will be able to receive notifications from your phone about calls and texts, and it will be able to control your music, but it won’t completely eliminate the need for a smart watch for the people who want a smart watch.

It will be interesting to see if reviews cover some of these “issues” that I can see with the device, but we’ll have to wait a few weeks and see once the device becomes available. The Fitbit Surge should be out by the end of November, priced at around $250 as I mentioned, and available in a trio of colors: black, gray, and orange.

What is the MobilityWOD Super Nova Ball?

What is the MobilityWOD Super Nova Ball?On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Bryan Callen (episode #557 to be exact), Joe mentioned something about a MobilityWOD (Workout of the Day) Super Nova Ball. He didn’t go into much detail about what it was, and because I was listening to the podcast rather than watching it, I had no idea what this ball was, what it looked like, or what this ball actually did. So what exactly is the Mobility Workout of the Day Super Nova Ball?

I was expecting a piece of exercise equipment, but it’s not. Not in the sense that you use it for exercising, but rather you use it after you’ve exercised.

The Super Nova Ball looks like something out of American Gladiators. It’s a little larger than a softball and it has spikes all around it. But not sharp spikes. They’re actually flat. The ball is to be used instead of a lacrosse ball or foam roller to massage your tender and aching joints and muscles.

To be honest I’ve never used such a device and I’m still not sure exactly how to use it, but from the pictures I’ve seen, you simply press it hard into the parts of your body that hurt and you roll it around. The nubs on the ball dig into your tissues and give them a deep massage. Some people use the aforementioned foam rollers and lacrosse balls or softballs, but this ball is designed specifically for massaging your body. You can even sit on it and roll it on your thighs or butt, or lay down on top of it to massage your chest.

Joe seems to like his and so do the people who’ve explored other options. Check it out if you suffer from sore and aching joints and muscles, or simply if you want to promote flexibility and to reduce muscle fatigue and tightness.

Onnit Launches New Hemp Primal Battlepacks with Datsusara

Onnit Launches New Hemp Primal Battlepacks with DatsusaraOnnit continues to surprise me. The company started out with a handful of supplements and grew into a company that now provides everything an athlete or someone who lives an active lifestyle would need. Atypical exercise equipment, the best food and supplements, clothing, and now backpacks. It makes sense though, you’re going to need something to carry around all your gear, so why not grab something that is as tough and durable as you are.

That last sentence might be a stretch, but these bags certainly are tough and durable.

Like Onnit usually does when they find a company who makes exceptional products, Onnit decided to partner with them to produce a co-branded exclusive line of products. In this case the company is Datsusara, known for producing quality bags using the most durable materials to ensure that its gear can stand up to the heavy wear and tear that someone who’s going to the gym everyday would require.

Datsusara’s line of Onnit bags are military-grade and crafted with eco-friendly materials such as hemp and bamboo. The line of hemp Battlebags for Onnit are created with hemp canvas which is naturally anti-microbial and breathable. This ensures that whether you’re hitting the gym or the mats at an MMA or BJJ class, your bag won’t get too funky. In fact, the two Battlebags that Onnit currently has for sale come with a laundry bag to separate your sweaty gi or gym clothes from the rest of your stuff.

Inside each Battlepack you’ll find various compartments and pouches for keeping everything in order. Some gym bags are almost like a purse, where you’re digging around trying to find one little item buried beneath everything else. These Battlebags have enough storage and compartments for all your gear and stuff so you’re never wasting time digging through sweaty clothes or the other junk you need to carry.

There are two Onnit Primal Battle Packs available:

  • The Onnit Battlepack Core – This is your standard backpack on Alpha Brain and Shoom Tech Sport. It’s made from the aforementioned black hemp canvas and has a variety of internal and external pockets and pouches. It comes with a laundry bag and it’s carry-on friendly for frequent fliers.
  • The Onnit Primal Gear Bag Core – This is what I think of when I imagine a gym or duffle bag. It has handles so you can carry it in your hand, or use the shoulder strap to sling it at your side or around your back. It’s also made from durable black hemp canvas with a wide range of pockets and pouches, and it includes a laundry bag.

All bags feature a subtle Onnit Primal Chimp logo stitched in black, the Onnit logo stitched in black, and YKK self-healing zippers. The Battlepack Core also features a black Datsusara patch. I’m not one for branding, but this is as low-key as you can get. Black-on-black is classy.

That’s about all I have to say about these awesome bags. Head over to the Onnit website’s gear section for full details including very specific measurements of each pack and pictures of the pockets, sleeves, and internal compartments.

Should I Drink My Own Urine?

Should I Drink My Own Urine?A little while back I watched a video on YouTube where Ariel Helwani was interviewing Yoshizo Machida, the father of UFC fighter Lyoto Machida. Now, it’s well-known in the MMA community that Lyoto starts off each day by drinking a nice tall, warm glass of his own urine. Lyoto has said that he learned this practice from his father. You can likely imagine where Ariel’s interview with Lyoto Machida’s father goes when the topic of drinking urine comes up.

But before we get to that, let’s find out exactly why Yoshizo drinks his own urine.

Yoshizo says that he drinks his own urine for health reasons. He says that drinking your own urine helps to flush out your system and to clean it. Yoshizo then goes on to tell a story about how Lyoto once had a persistent cough that just wouldn’t go away. When he began drinking his own urine, the cough disappeared shortly after Lyoto added drinking his own urine to his morning regimen. Yoshizo also adds that drinking the urine is like a vaccine.

Drinking urine for health benefits isn’t something unique to the Machida family. The practice of urine-drinking actually goes back thousands of years and has roots in Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian cultures.

But what’s in urine that (supposedly) makes it so beneficial to one’s health? Actually, your pee is mostly water. Urine is around 95% water and then 5% vitamins and nutrients that your body has filtered through its blood via the liver and kidneys. Because of this intense filtering process, urine is sterile and safe to drink.

With that little tidbit of knowledge, it kind of makes sense to drink your urine. It’s water, which is a good thing, and a cocktail of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, which are also good. But many doctors feel that there’s little to no health benefit to drinking your own urine. Some think that it may actually have a detrimental effect since your body then has to process a highly concentrated glass of urine each time you drink it.

So does this mean you should drink your own urine? Not really. If it’s something you’re curious about, go ahead. Chances are it won’t hurt you. And if you think that it will have a positive effect on your overall health, maybe it will. That’s the placebo effect and the result of positive thinking!

Without further adieu, check out the video in question below where you can see Yoshizo Machida drink his own urine:

An Affordable Alternative to Joe Rogan’s Salli SwingFit Saddle Seat Office Chair

An Affordable Alternative to Joe Rogan's Salli SwingFit Saddle Seat Office ChairJoe Rogan has mentioned a few times now on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience that he has an ergonomic office chair. At first he said it was a kneeling chair, but he was wrong. It wasn’t. I think he meant to say that it was ergonomic or that it was a saddle chair. The one he uses is the Salli SwingFit saddle seat chair. I’m sure the build quality of that particular chair is excellent but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s an office chair that costs upwards of $1,000. Unless you’re bringing in truckloads of cash like Joe Rogan, you likely won’t be able to afford such an extravagant place to plant your posterior.

Jobri is a company that also makes ergonomic office chairs. It also has one that looks very much like the Salli SwingFit, but it’s priced much more economically. While to some it still might be an expensive purchase for an office chair at nearly $200, you have to consider how much time you will spend in it. If you’re stuck in front of a computer at home or the office, you likely spend six, seven or even eight or more hours per day in front of your computer sitting in a chair. If that’s the case, you’ll probably want something that won’t leave you sore when you finally do stand up to take a break. This is the one big advantage to saddle seat chairs according to Joe Rogan: you can sit in them for extended periods of time without getting stiff and sore.

The Jobri saddle chair is constructed with a polished aluminum frame, nylon casters, polyurethane foam, a black vinyl seat, and it features gas height adjustment. The saddle can be tilted allowing you to find the ideal sitting position, and the saddle can be raised or lowered from 21 to 28 inches to accommodate a variety of users. Comparing the two side by side, the Jobri and the Salli look to be quite similar, but the Jobri is priced hundreds of dollars less than the Salli.

If the price of the Salli turned you off, check out the Jobri on Amazon.