Onnit TPC: Total Primate Care Back in Stock for Cyber Monday!

Onnit Total Primate Care Back in Stock!I don’t know if it’s difficult to produce or simply hard for Onnit to keep up with demand for this particular product, but the TPC: Total Primate Care packs are always out of stock. Wouldn’t you know it that when Black Friday hits and everyone is flooding the site with orders, one of the company’s most popular products is out of stock? Fortunately for those of you who were hoping to score some TPC during Onnit’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2014 sale, you still have time to save some money when you stock up on TPC: Total Primate Care.

For the unfamiliar, TPC: Total Primate Care is like a “greatest hits” package of Onnit’s best supplements, vitamins, and minerals, all divided up into packs that you take in the morning and in the evening. Boxes are available in 15 and 30-day supplies, meaning a 15-day pack has 30 packs total (15 day; 15 night) and the 30-day pack has 60 total packs (30 day; 30 night). The idea is that your body needs different nutrients depending on the time of the day. In the day pack, you have a cocktail of supplements including Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech Sport to ensure you’re firing on all cylinders. In the evening, New Mood and other vitamins and minerals ensure you get a good, rejuvenating night’s sleep.

The total savings for Total Primate Care compared to buying the supplements individually is 44%. Buying the individual supplements would cost you $6.51 per day. With TPC: Total Primate Care, this cost is only $3.67.

On the topic of cost, this price is actually much less if you buy Total Primate Care today on Cyber Monday. All supplements including TPC: Total Primate Care are 25% off, and you only have a few hours left to save.

Here’s the breakdown of the savings:

  • Save 25% off all supplements
  • Save 18% off all foods and fitness equipment
  • Save 30% off all gear (clothes, bags, etc.)
  • Save an additional 5% off on all orders over $150
  • Save an additional 10% off on all orders over $250!

As I said, this Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale ends TONIGHT December 1, 2014, at 11:59PM EST, which is 8:59PM PST. Act quickly if you want to save, and if you want TPC, buy it before it’s sold out again. Head over to the Onnit website now before this sale is over until next year.

Are Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals as Good as Natural?

Are Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals as Good as Natural?I was recently at the pharmacy and took a stroll down the vitamin aisle. There were literally shelves with rows and rows of bottles, each containing a different vitamin, mineral, or amino acid. If we’re deficient in something, it makes sense to just buy an over-the-counter supplement, pop a capsule once per day, and give ourselves a pat on the back. The problem is that synthetic vitamins and minerals aren’t necessarily as good for us as those found in the foods that we eat.

The problem with most of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients available in capsule form is that they’re synthetic. They’re not the same as they would be if we were getting them from our food. As a result, these vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that we think will help our bodies can actually tax our bodies, deplete them of other things we do need, and then pass through the liver to be urinated out of our bodies. This is why when you pop a synthetic vitamin, your urine will turn a neon shade of yellow or orange while it doesn’t when you get the same vitamins from food.

When we get vitamins from food, we’re getting all of the other good things that go along with the vitamins, such as enzymes. Synthetic vitamins isolate the vitamin, leaving out these extras that are normally found in food alongside the vitamins. Dr. Ben Kim uses vitamin C as an example. When we get vitamin C from food, we’re getting things like rutin, bioflavonoids, tyrosinase, and ascorbinogen along with it. When you take a synthetic vitamin, you’re getting just the vitamin C. The body then must gather the rest of these components to complete the vitamin C complex. If these components aren’t there, the vitamin C capsule does no good and passes through the body as waste.

Because whole foods provide complete vitamins rather than portions of them, you can ensure that not only are you getting the vitamins you need, your body is actually absorbing them properly. This is why it’s greatly preferred to obtain your vitamins through food whenever possible rather than a supplement. The same logic applies to minerals as well.

Dr. Ben Kim has a great article on this topic on his blog, and it’s all explained in easy to use language. If you’d like to read more about this in greater detail, check out his site.

Onnit TPC: Total Primate Care Now Available!

Onnit Total Primate Care Back in Stock!It’s been a long time since it was last available, but Onnit Total Primate Care is now back in stock on the Onnit Labs website.

For the unfamiliar, Total Primate Care is a variety pack of sorts that’s available in 15 and 30-day supplies. Each daily supply comes with a day and a night pack. Inside each pack is a variety of Onnit supplements designed to give you the boost that you need throughout the day, and then the right combination of nutrients to help you relax and unwind before bed in the evening.

The supplements included in each TPC: Total Primate Care pack include Stron Bone and Joint, Shroom Tech Immune, Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, krill oil, Spirulina and Chlorella, New Mood, Vitamin C and Lysine, and Coral Calcium.

If you’re curious about Onnit products but are turned off by how expensive it can be to purchase a bottle of Shroom Tech Sport and a bottle of Alpha Brain, Total Primate Care is a good way to give things a test drive without breaking the bank.

Currently, a 15-day supply of Total Primate Care is on sale at $5 off its regular price, and the 30-day supply is on sale at $30 off the regular price.

Health Benefits of MCT Oil

Health Benefits of MCT OilI’ve written about MCT oil quite a bit on my blog, from using it in your butter coffee recipes to integrating it into your diet in other ways. One aspect of MCT oil that I haven’t touched on very much is why you would want to take MCT oil, and what the health benefits of this oil exactly are.

The first time I heard about MCT oil was through Dave Asprey, who is now selling his MCT oil under the name of “Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil,” for whatever reason. At any rate, Dave states that the benefits of MCT oil compared to other fats or oils is that the body converts MCT oil into energy faster than other oils. This can result in increased energy, stamina, and performance during physical activities.

If you’re the type of person who takes a lot of vitamins and supplements each day, adding a spoonful or two of MCT oil to your daily regimen could be beneficial. The addition of MCT oil can help your body with the absorption of these nutrients. In fact, MCT oil is given to people who have trouble absorbing nutrients, such as people who suffer from cystic fibrosis or diabetes.

MCT oil can also help with the brain. Much like our bodies need fuel for performance, so does our brain. MCT oil has such a positive impact on brain function and health, studies have shown that it can help reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. These ketones are created by the liver when MCT oil is ingested.

There are also a number of weight loss benefits to MCT oil–far too many to cover here in this blog post, actually. Check back in a couple of days for a separate post outlining some of the ways that MCT oil can help you lose weight.

Why Tim Kennedy Hates MusclePharm

Why Tim Kennedy Hates MusclePharmOn a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Joe had on UFC middleweight fighter Tim Kennedy. At the beginning of the podcast Joe was going through his commercials as he usually does, and he started talking about Onnit products when Tim chimed in with his thoughts on supplements, Onnit, and MusclePharm.

If you’re not familiar with MusclePharm, it’s a large American supplement company which has a long-standing relationship with the UFC. It’s actually “the official nutritional supplement provider of the UFC” according to the UFC’s website. So you’d think that two people who currently work for the UFC wouldn’t have anything negative to say about a big sponsor, would you? If you said yes, you’d be wrong.

Joe was talking about how it would be nice if Onnit could advertise its supplements in the UFC but that MusclePharm had a monopoly on that space. That’s when Tim spoke up and said he wouldn’t mind the advertising and sponsorship if MusclePharm made good products, but in his opinion, it doesn’t.

Joe laughed and asked him why he said that, and Tim expanded on his thoughts in a big way.

Tim feels that MusclePharm offers the typical pre-workout and post-workout supplements and protein “toilet stuff” that jack your heart rate up before you exercise. He said they taste like plastic and they’re loaded with sugar and that he’s never had a good experience with any MusclePharm product.

Of course, Tim also echoed Joe’s sentiments that Onnit makes far superior products with better ingredients. While this is true, it should be noted that Tim is one of a handful of athletes who is sponsored by Onnit, though he does not wear the Onnit logo in the Octagon during his fights. But that doesn’t mean that Tim isn’t using Onnit products while he’s fighting.

In fact, Tim said that because of Alpha Brain, he’s able to focus on the coaches in his corner when he’s fighting and “execute what they [are] saying” more efficiently. When he was fighting Rafael Natal, he was able to do what his coaches told him to, leading him to finish that fight with a first round knockout.

Outside the Octagon, Tim takes Shroom Tech Sport to help “push [him]self that much further” through his three or four workouts per day, and he takes Hemp Force protein powder because it “disguises the flavors of the stuff [he doesn’t] want to eat“.

The rest of the Tim Kennedy interview on The Joe Rogan Experience was entertaining and insightful, and although I’ve never cared for Tim as a fighter, I did grow to like the guy for who he is as a person, and because he wasn’t scared to speak his mind about products advertised by the UFC.