I’m Back!

I'm Back!What a crazy few weeks it’s been. It seems like all summer long I was just going along as I do throughout the rest of the year, and then as August was winding down, I finally started to enjoy myself. I spent a lot of time with the family, travelled, relaxed, drank, and did a whole lot of nothing. Now that the kids have returned school I can get back into my regular routine. If I can find the motivation to do so.

Summer is in the home stretch and the days are getting shorter, which means I can start looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring. The next fun holiday that we have is Thanksgiving, which still feels like it’s six months away when really it’s only a matter of weeks. Christmas is about 100 days away, which sounds like a lot, but in reality is only seven or eight pay checks away. And, along with Thanksgiving and Christmas comes the food, and the inevitable post-holiday dieting that will follow.

On the topic of post-holiday dieting, I need to get back into dieting and exercising after my summer holiday. It seems like I need a week or two (or three) after the vacation has ended and I’m back at work before I can muster up the courage to dust off my kettlebells and Blendtec. And I’m sure just as I start feeling good again, the junk food will surround me as it normally does between Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

So that’s all I have to talk about for now. Check back soon for more regularly scheduled blog posts every Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. I promise they’ll be about more interesting things.


My 100th Blog Post!

My 100th Blog Post!I just realized that this is my 102nd blog post, which means I hit the 100 post milestone a couple days ago!

I must admit that when I started this blog at the tail end of 2012 I didn’t think that I’d stick with writing blog posts on a regular basis, but here I am six months later and I’m still writing posts as often as possible. I try to write a new blog post each day (though that’s not always possible) and I’m still finding new and interesting topics to research and write about.

Tight Lightning has received a little over 20,000 visitors so far which is pretty incredible. Thanks to everyone for visiting, and I hope you continue to stop by in the future!