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    1. Huntertechpro Recruitment

      Focusing on niche markets and leveraging key capabilities

      Experienced and low transfer rate

      We have been supporting the demand of professional talents in the game industry for many years, and have rich experience in interviewing and screening out professional IT, finance, capital administration, operation, marketing, customer service, auditing and other talents for our clients. In addition to the over-solicitation of Chinese talents in China, Taiwan, and Malaysia, we can introduce overseas life to the candidates in a grounded way to greatly reduce the dropout rate.

      Tailored customer service

      Prior to signing a contract, we will provide a talent report that will enable us to work with the client to develop a salary and benefit package that is attractive to the talent and in line with the client's cost of doing business, in order to achieve a strategic policy of quickly securing the right professionals to perform for the company.

      Wide range of services

      North America to China, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian regions

      Headhunting / Recruitment Services



      Provide company profile, business type, and basic information.

      Provide JD

      List clearly: job description, salary and benefits (with photos of staff quarters).


      A formal contract will be signed after both parties reach an agreement

      Job search for talents


      Provide your CV

      Attach contact information, photos, work experience, etc.


      We will match your resume with our professional analysis and contact you for an interview.

      Upload your resume

        Every service plan provided can be unanimously praised by customers from different countries and sizes

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