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    1. The purpose of Comfort Life is to provide the best services to Chinese people who come to the Philippines to work and live.

      We use the expertise, resources and expertise of the Comfort Life team to help you focus on your core business in the Philippines without having to worry about your livelihood. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most timely response, diverse solutions, and efficient delivery of their expectations. Working with us will be the best choice for you as we value the protection of your client's data and let's build trust in each other.




      Daily life services

      • Counselling services for daily life
      • Daily Chinese and English translation services

      Airport-related services

      • Airline ticket ordering
      • return tickets
      • hotel reservations

      Dormitory services

      • Daily/monthly suite rental
      • Dormitory-related maintenance/repair services
      • Babysitting services
      • Network installation services
      • Billing services
      • Purchasing service
      • Tourism support services

      Routine agency services

      [Document Substitute]

      • Tourist visa
      • Business visa
      • Visa on Arrival
      • Work visa
      • Departure Customs Clearance ECC
      • Travel Document Agency
      • Lost passport/driver's license

      Special services

      • Emergency assistance
      • Airport Rescue
      • Other special

      Don't be too complicated, please contact with customer service for any questions, we will have professionals to answer your questions

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