Save 14% Off Everything During the Onnit 2015 Memorial Day Sale

Save 14% Off Everything During the Onnit 2015 Memorial Day SaleSure, it’s technically past Memorial Day at this point, but that doesn’t mean there still can’t be a Memorial Day sale. And that’s just what Onnit is offering to its customers for the next few days.

For (roughly) the next 72 hours or so, you can save 14% off everything that Onnit has for sale on its website. This includes its popular supplements, foods, exercise equipment, along with gear and clothing. Most Onnit coupon codes only apply to food and supplements, so this is a great time to buy exercise equipment or gear that you’ve had your eye on but didn’t want to buy because the price was too steep.

Please note that for whatever reason, the sale does not apply to Onnit TPC: Total Primate Care. I think this is due to supply issues. It’s difficult for Onnit to keep this product in stock. I’m not exactly why since I don’t work for the company, but I’ve noticed that it’s rarely in stock and when it is, it sells out quickly.

To take advantage of this sale, simply click here to visit the Onnit website and then browse through the wide range of products that Onnit offers. During the checkout process, enter in the code MAY15 to take 14% off your entire order. This sale is currently active and will run through until May 29, 2015 at which point it ends at 12 PM PST, which is 3 PM EST.

Here are some quick links to take you to some of Onnit’s most popular products which qualify for this sale:

What is Maple Water?

What is Maple Water?When I think of maple, I instantly think of maple syrup. I think of of pancakes, and I think of waffles. I then think about maple glazed donuts, either with some bacon on top or without. Either way is good to me. There’s even maple-flavored whisky from Crown Royal. But did you know this tree juice can actually be healthy for you?

On a recent fight companion podcast of The Joe Rogan Experience, Onnit Labs co-owner and psychedelic adventurer Aubrey Marcus mentioned maple water and that he was looking into possibly carrying a maple water product. He also said that it was as good, if not a little better for you, than coconut water. But how can something that’s associated with sugary junk food be a health food product?

The sap that comes out of the trees is actually the maple water concentrated by two percent. The thick, golden, sugary sweet syrup you’d pour on your pancakes is concentrated by roughly 66 percent. As you can see, the concentration of sugar is much, much greater in the syrup form compared to water.

Once the maple water sap is harvested from the trees, it’s transported to a facility where it is pasteurized and sterilized before it’s packaged and transported to store shelves where it sits alongside coconut water.

And coconut water is what maple water is most often compared to. A couple of advantages of maple water over coconut water is that maple trees can be found all over the eastern North America, unlike coconut-producing palm trees which are typically found in tropical climates. In addition, most people have already developed a taste and affinity to maple, while coconut water is certainly an acquired taste. Both offer similar health benefits as well.

Check back soon for a further post which will outline the health benefits of maple water, and learn how coconut water compares to maple water in terms of electrolytes, sugar content, and–most importantly–price!

If you can’t wait until then, head over to Amazon where you can order a couple maple water products including tetras from Vertical and Wahta.

Onnit Now Carries Oatmega Protein Bars

Onnit Now Carries Oatmega Protein BarsOatmega is a company based in Austin, Texas, so it only made sense that its products would eventually find their way to the virtual shelves of Onnit.

The Oatmega products currently found on the Onnit Labs website are two varieties of the Oatmega protein bars: chocolate mint crisp, and vanilla almond crisp.

Both types of Oatmega bars are packed with 14g of protein, 300mg of omega-3s, and 7g of fiber. The gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients include whey from grass-fed cows, gluten-free oats, and fish oil that comes from only responsibly caught deep ocean fish. Not only will your body thank you for eating these bars, your conscience will as well.

If you have a sweet tooth and crave cookies, the chocolate mint crisp Oatmega bars are something you’ll want to check out. Apparently they taste a lot like Girl Guide cookies. The vanilla almond crisp Oatmega bars have the texture of cookie dough and feature vanilla chips and crunchy almonds. Both sound good to me.

If you’re tired of the same old protein bars and want something that will satisfy your hunger and curve your cravings for something sweet, check out these new Oatmega bars. You can buy them from Onnit either by the bar or by the box of 12. They’re not as cheap as a Snickers bar, but nothing healthy comes cheap.

How to Meditate

How to MeditateYou could choose to take a transcendental meditation class, pay the $1,500 to get your own personal mantra, or you could skip all that nonsense and just start meditating today without spending a cent.

The first and perhaps most important element of meditation is to find a quiet and comfortable place where you can meditate. This could be at home or the office, or even in your car. You just want it to be a quiet area where you can relax.

To begin meditating, you’ll want to first close your eyes. If it helps, focus on a relaxing color so you’re not thinking of anything else in your life that could overtake the meditation. Brendan Schaub of The Fighter and The Kid podcast said he thinks of the color white, as it’s a relaxing color to him, and concentrating on the color will help to prevent your thoughts from drifting.

If you find thoughts about life creeping into your meditation time, brush those thoughts aside. Tim Ferris suggests to direct all your thoughts at your breath. Focus on the air as you inhale through your nose, and again as you exhale. Repeat this to keep your mind clear.

You may find that time slips away quickly when you’re meditating, which is why it’s important to set an alarm to notify you when your time is up. The commonly suggested amount of time to meditate is about 20 minutes or so. I’d suggest choosing an alarm that isn’t as jarring as what you would typically choose at any other time. Most phones have a wide range of tones and chimes to choose from, so pick something on the quiet and soothing end of the spectrum rather than something loud and obnoxious.

It may take a few tries before you can truly relax and obtain the many benefits of meditation. The key thing is to stay with it, turn meditation into a routine, and practice it each day. You may find that meditation grows to become an important part of your day.

What is Meditation, and Why Do People Do Meditate?

What is Meditation, and Why Do People Do Meditate?I was listening to The Fighter and the Kid podcast earlier today, and the guest of this particular episode was Tim Ferris. My bullshit detector goes off with this guy a little bit, but he did share some information on meditation, specifically how he mediates and the benefits that he receives from meditating.

Tim has a podcast of his own and he’s interviewed a lot of powerful and successful people. He said that one thing that around 80% of the people he’s interviewed have in common is that they practice some from of meditation.

Tim describes meditation as a way of hitting pause on your brain, or giving it a warm bath. Bryan Callen, co-host of The Fighter and the Kid, describes it as a “massage for the brain.” Essentially, it’s away to relax, detach, and clear your head. Tim says that meditation will allow you to complete everything else you have to do during the day “fifty percent faster.”

Now, how do you measure something like that? I do not know. I get what he’s saying, though. Meditation will help clear your head, shake out the cobwebs, and allow you to focus on the other tasks you have perform throughout the day.

One of the more popular forms of meditation that I’ve been hearing a lot about lately is transcendental meditation, or TM for short. You have to pay $1,500 to take a class where they give you a mantra that you repeat while you meditate for twenty minutes each day. Obviously taking such a class isn’t necessary, and you could pick any word or combination of words to use as your mantra. It’s not what you’re saying, but rather the repetition of the words that’s important. After saying anything over and over again, the word starts to sound odd and loses all meaning.

So there you have a brief explanation of why people meditate and what they achieve through meditation. Come back soon and I’ll continue this topic and detail how you can start meditating immediately.