Onnit Battle Ring Suspension System Exercises Using Counterweight

Two days ago I covered a variety of exercises using the Onnit Battle Ring Suspension System and your body’s own weight. Today, I’ll be looking at a number of exercises that you can do with the BRSS and a kettlebell as the counterweight. As you’ll see, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a fancy Bowflex system when you can do many of the same exercises with a Battle Rope Suspension System and a few kettlebells, Zombie Bells, or Primal Bells from Onnit at a fraction of the cost.

Back Lunge Twist Pull Exercise

Back Lunge Twist Pull – Start standing, holding onto the rope with both hands. Go down and back into a lunge, twisting your body and pulling the weight to one side. Go back up, then down again to the other side. Do five sets of 60 seconds each.

Counterweight Squat Pull Exercise

Counterweight Squat Pull – Start holding onto the rope with both hands in a squatting position with the kettlebell on the ground. Pull the rope down until the kettlebell is as high as it can go. Lower it back down to the ground and repeat. Do five sets of 60 seconds.

Counterweight Ab Extension Exercise

Counterweight Ab Extension – On your knees holding onto the loop of the rope, pull down, bringing your elbows into your stomach and your body down on top, working your abs. Go back up and repeat. Do five rounds of 60 seconds.

Lunge Step Over Shoulder Pull Exercise

Lunge Step Over Shoulder Pull – In a standing position facing away from the kettlebell, hold the rope with both hands over one shoulder. With the leg opposite the side of the rope, go down into a squat position, then pull the weight up and the rope into your chest. Do five rounds of 60 seconds switching sides.

Counterweight Dragon Squat Pull Exercise

Counterweight Dragon Squat Pull – With both hands on the rope facing the kettlebell, stretch one leg back while pulling the rope down, going down into a squat/lunge position. Alternate legs.  Do five rounds of 60 seconds.

You can click on each of the images to view a video that shows you exactly how to do these exercises. If you’re curious about the Onnit Battle Ring Suspension System itself, click here to check out the product page on the Onnit Labs website for all the relevant information.

Onnit Battle Ring Suspension System Exercises for Strength and Power

Onnit dropped its new Battle Ring Suspension System late last week and it got me wondering, what exercises can you do with a piece of rope with two loops at each end? Turns out it’s actually quite versatile and you can do a lot, but with a catch.

The catch being is that for most exercises you’ll need something to to loop or wrap the rope around, since you’re using your own body as the weight for the exercises. If you have a home gym, you can likely find a pull-up bar or something to throw the rope over so you can support your weight when doing these Battle Ring Suspension System exercises.

Superman Extension Exercise

Superman Extensions – Start in a crouching position beneath the ropes with your hands in the loops. Explode outwards and upwards as if you’re Superman flying. When completely extended, revert back to the original position and start over. Do three rounds of 30 seconds.

Explosive Leg Switch Body Row Exercise

Explosive Leg Switch Body Row – Start in almost an upside down push up position, holding onto each of the loops with your hands. With one foot on the ground, pull yourself up with the ropes, switch feet in the air, landing on the other foot. Do three rounds of 30 seconds.

Alternating Pistol Jump Exercise

Alternating Pistol Jump – Much like the above exercise. Start in a crouching position holding onto the loops with each hand facing the ropes, not away. Pull yourself up in the air, kicking one leg one leg out while landing on the other. Do three rounds of 30 seconds.

Alternating Lawnmower Extension Exercise

Alternating Lawnmower Extension – Start with both feet on the ground, leaning back with your arms fully extended, holding onto both loops. Pull yourself up with one arm so your body twists to the opposite side. The motion mimics that of starting a lawnmower, but more challenging obviously. Do three rounds of 30 seconds.

Walking the Plank Exercise

Walking the Plank – Start with the rope hanging down to the ground. Grab onto the rope (not the loops) with both hands, standing as far back from the rope as you can. Without moving your feet, slowly alternate your hands down the rope until you’re at the bottom, then work your way back up. Do three rounds of 60 seconds.

L-Sit Rope Climb Exercise

L-Sit Rope Climb – Like the classic rope climb from gym class but without the need for as much vertical space. Start on the ground and grab onto the rope around head level. Using your strength, lift your legs up off the ground and straight out in front of you. Then alternate your hands up the rope, without your feet touching the ground. Do three rounds of 60 seconds each.

1-Leg Burpee Exercise

1-Leg Burpee – Much like the classic burpee, but with your foot in one of the rope’s loops. Do a push-up, hop up onto one foot, then hop into the air. Do three rounds of 30 seconds.

Back Lunge to Jump Exercise

Back Lunge to Jump – Start in a one-legged lunge position, hopping up into the air, then down and back into the starting position. Do three rounds of 30 seconds.

You can click on each of the exercise images above to view a video that demonstrates each of the exercises, or click here for more information on the Onnit Battle Rope Suspension System.

Onnit Introduces Battle Ring Suspension System

Onnit Introduces Battle Ring Suspension SystemLooking to mix up your exercise routine a little bit? The new Battle Ring Suspension System from Onnit might be worth checking out. Don’t let the name fool you, though. While it sounds like it would be some Bowflex-like contraption that’s gigantic and costs thousands of dollars, it’s actually quite simple and priced at less than $40.

If you’re familiar with Onnit products the “battle” in the name will remind you of Onnit Battle Ropes, and that’s essentially what the Battle Ring Suspension System is made of: thick rope, like that used for battle ropes, measuring 10 feet long and 1.5 inches thick. The difference is that it’s looped at both ends into two handles.

The Battle Ring Suspension System uses your body’s own weight for the exercises, much like a pull-up bar. The difference is that a pull-up bar is static while the Onnit BRSS is dynamic, allowing you to do a variety of bodyweight exercises in different positions, working out different sets of muscles.

Onnit has designed the Battle Ring Suspension System for anyone who’s looking for a new bodyweight workout. Those who will especially benefit from the BRSS are fighters, as the thickness of the rope mimics grabbing onto an opponents gi. Those who participate in obstacle course races, like Tough Mudder, for example, can also benefit from the BRSS, as many obstacle courses feature rope challenges where participants must climb, swing, or pull on ropes.

For more detailed info along with some more pictures, check out the Battle Ring Suspension System page on the Onnit Labs website.

Onnit Drops New Shroom Tech Sport, New Kettlebells, New Battle Ropes

Onnit Drops New Shroom Tech Sport, New Kettlebells, New Battle RopesOnnit has been dropping a bunch of new and updated products lately which I’ve held off writing about, but now that the company has updated one of its flagship products, I figured I should write a little bit about it.

The new Shroom Tech Sport formula has been updated to include a new ingredient: Ashwagandha. I had never heard of this herb before today, but some people call it “Indian Ginseng” which I had also never heard of until today. This particular ingredient features withanolides, alkaloids, and fatty and amino acids, all of which help the body cope with stress, which is useful during rigorous exercise and after putting your body through a tough workout. The product page on the Onnit Labs website has more detailed information if you’re curious.

Also updated recently are the Onnit basic kettlebells. If you’ve already purchased them, you likely won’t see a reason to upgrade. But if you’ve been wavering back and forth on buying some, now’s a good time to buy.

The new version of Onnit’s traditional kettlebell features an improved design and new coating. The coating is still chip and rust resistant so it will look nice for years to come. But it’s now smooth enough that it won’t irritate your skin when it’s rubbing on your hands and arms, and it has just a little bit of texture to hold gym chalk. There’s also more handle clearance, which comes in handy when performing snatch and press lifts, and the handles are longer which makes the horn grip more comfortable for us savages with giant hands like a bunch of bananas. If that wasn’t enough, there’s now high contrast lettering which makes the bells easier to read when your vision’s blurry from dehydration and working out too hard.

Also updated are the Onnit Battle Ropes. They are now available in a thinner 1.5 inch rope in 50 foot and 40 foot lengths, and also at a 10 foot jump rope length if a traditional jump rope isn’t heavy enough for you. These ropes are purple in color with black handles. There’s also a light blue battle rope which, like the purple one, is 1.5 inches wide and available in 50 foot, 40 foot, and 10 foot jump rope sizes. Of course, the original black and yellow battle ropes are still available too. There was also a limited edition 2.5 inch battle rope that was bright blue with red handles in a 30 foot length, but it is apparently sold out.

You know that book Joe Rogan always talks about on his podcast, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield? Onnit has that now too.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend guys!

Look Good Naked with Onnit Challenges

Look Good Naked with Onnit ChallengesFor someone who is new to the world of eating better and exercising regularly, leading a healthy lifestyle can definitely be overwhelming at first. Maybe not so much the eating part, since eating is something we all do multiple times per day, but exercising certainly can be. When I first began, I didn’t know where to start, so I took Joe Rogan’s advice and bought some kettlebells and went for it.

Onnit has gone a step further and come up with a series of challenges to help you improve yourself. Each of these challenges has a very specific theme or goal, but ultimately you’re going to feel better, look better, and be in better overall shape upon completion of any of these challenges. Having a clearly defined goal is a great idea for anyone who finds they lose focus or motivation when it comes to exercising and eating right.

The first of the challenges that Onnit has created is the Onnit Primal Challenge. Essentially, this challenge is going to get you in caveman shape. You’ll be able to run, hunt, and make babies just like our cromagnon ancestors. This is achieved through a combination of exercise, diet, and supplementation, and it takes five weeks to complete.

If five weeks seems daunting and you just want to look good with your shirt off, the Onnit Naked Challenge is for you. This workout will certainly improve your health, but it’s designed to improve your self-confidence most of all. The exercises in this challenge are designed to help burn fat and calories even after you’re done working out.

Check out both the Onnit Primal Challenge and Onnit Naked Challenge if you’re looking to take the first step towards changing your life. Everything you need is on each of the challenge’s pages, including an introduction video, exercise routines, along with food and supplement packages designed for all budgets.