What is the Alkaline Diet?

What is the Alkaline Diet?I heard about the alkaline diet recently but had no clue what it was. I made a little note in my phone to do some research about it, and, to my surprise, it’s not a diet where you eat nothing but batteries. It turns out the alkaline diet is a lot like the paleo or caveman diet.

When following the alkaline diet, there’s a limited amount of foods you can eat, which include vegetables, fruits that aren’t sweet, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes (but not peanuts), and healthy oils and fats. Another staple of the alkaline diet is himalayan salt. Foods to avoid when following the alkaline diet are all grains, meats, seafood, anything processed, anything starchy, sugar, oil, and fermented and dried food.

Sounds pretty limiting, right? To me, the caveman diet seems more appealing, as you can eat meat and a wider variety of fruits. But the ideas behind each diet are different. The caveman diet is to eat and live much like our ancestors from way back did. The alkaline diet is about balancing the body’s pH level. The diets that most people consume today are high in acid-producing foods. Many believe that keeping a pH level of around 7.40 will cure a wide range of ailments that perhaps our ancestors didn’t suffer from.

When we eat food and our bodies process that food, it releases either acid or an alkaline base into our blood. Things like grains, meats, and dairy products produce acid. The foods I mentioned that you can eat on the alkaline diet all release alkaline, which is why they’re recommended for this particular diet.

Sounds a little bit like snake oil, right? Proponents of the diet claim that it can help relieve headaches, congestion, colds and flus, anxiety, mucous production, and more. Maybe it’s just the fact that switching from a diet that includes a lot of junk to one that features only healthy foods just makes you feel better.

So does the alkaline diet work? I don’t know, but there’s certainly no harm in eating a diet that includes a wide range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils and fats. In fact, I would recommend it, but not as a miracle cure for your problems. I would recommend it to those who simply want to eat healthier and feel better too.

Look Good Naked with Onnit Challenges

Look Good Naked with Onnit ChallengesFor someone who is new to the world of eating better and exercising regularly, leading a healthy lifestyle can definitely be overwhelming at first. Maybe not so much the eating part, since eating is something we all do multiple times per day, but exercising certainly can be. When I first began, I didn’t know where to start, so I took Joe Rogan’s advice and bought some kettlebells and went for it.

Onnit has gone a step further and come up with a series of challenges to help you improve yourself. Each of these challenges has a very specific theme or goal, but ultimately you’re going to feel better, look better, and be in better overall shape upon completion of any of these challenges. Having a clearly defined goal is a great idea for anyone who finds they lose focus or motivation when it comes to exercising and eating right.

The first of the challenges that Onnit has created is the Onnit Primal Challenge. Essentially, this challenge is going to get you in caveman shape. You’ll be able to run, hunt, and make babies just like our cromagnon ancestors. This is achieved through a combination of exercise, diet, and supplementation, and it takes five weeks to complete.

If five weeks seems daunting and you just want to look good with your shirt off, the Onnit Naked Challenge is for you. This workout will certainly improve your health, but it’s designed to improve your self-confidence most of all. The exercises in this challenge are designed to help burn fat and calories even after you’re done working out.

Check out both the Onnit Primal Challenge and Onnit Naked Challenge if you’re looking to take the first step towards changing your life. Everything you need is on each of the challenge’s pages, including an introduction video, exercise routines, along with food and supplement packages designed for all budgets.

Onnit Introduces Two New Cavemen Packs

Onnit Introduces Two New Cavemen PacksFeeling out of touch with your masculine side? Want to feel a little more manly? Onnit has something for you. It has just made available a new Cavemen Essentials Pack which contains everything you need to get back in touch with your primal nature.

Bundle packs aren’t new to the Onnit, website, but this particular one is. These bundles enable you to buy a few Onnit products at once and save a bit of money compared to buying them separately. Onnit has chosen the products contained in this Cavemen Essentials Pack very carefully, ensuring that you have everything you need to transform yourself from a doughy girly man into a complete savage.

The Cavemen Essentials Pack contains a bottle of Alpha Brain, a bottle of Stron Bone and Joint, a tub of the T+ testosterone supplement, and a box of Tanka bars as well. I’ve written about all of these products on this blog in the past, so use the little search box to the left to read my thoughts about all of them.

In addition, Onnit has introduced the Cavemen Club Pack as well. This package contains two club bells in either 5, 10, or 15 lbs. weights along with the CSTGX club bell DVD. This is literally everything you need if you want to start working out with club bells but aren’t sure how to start.

If that’s not good enough, Onnit will also be randomly giving away to buyers of The Cavemen Essentials Pack two of the one pood chimp primal bells, a chimp primal bell T-shirt, cavemen sketches, and a 45 lb. bruiser club as well. All of this gear is autographed by MMA fighter David “The Caveman” Rickles who is a member of Onnit’s Honor Roll.

More details are available on the Caveman page of the Onnit website.