An Affordable Alternative to Joe Rogan’s Salli SwingFit Saddle Seat Office Chair

An Affordable Alternative to Joe Rogan's Salli SwingFit Saddle Seat Office ChairJoe Rogan has mentioned a few times now on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience that he has an ergonomic office chair. At first he said it was a kneeling chair, but he was wrong. It wasn’t. I think he meant to say that it was ergonomic or that it was a saddle chair. The one he uses is the Salli SwingFit saddle seat chair. I’m sure the build quality of that particular chair is excellent but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s an office chair that costs upwards of $1,000. Unless you’re bringing in truckloads of cash like Joe Rogan, you likely won’t be able to afford such an extravagant place to plant your posterior.

Jobri is a company that also makes ergonomic office chairs. It also has one that looks very much like the Salli SwingFit, but it’s priced much more economically. While to some it still might be an expensive purchase for an office chair at nearly $200, you have to consider how much time you will spend in it. If you’re stuck in front of a computer at home or the office, you likely spend six, seven or even eight or more hours per day in front of your computer sitting in a chair. If that’s the case, you’ll probably want something that won’t leave you sore when you finally do stand up to take a break. This is the one big advantage to saddle seat chairs according to Joe Rogan: you can sit in them for extended periods of time without getting stiff and sore.

The Jobri saddle chair is constructed with a polished aluminum frame, nylon casters, polyurethane foam, a black vinyl seat, and it features gas height adjustment. The saddle can be tilted allowing you to find the ideal sitting position, and the saddle can be raised or lowered from 21 to 28 inches to accommodate a variety of users. Comparing the two side by side, the Jobri and the Salli look to be quite similar, but the Jobri is priced hundreds of dollars less than the Salli.

If the price of the Salli turned you off, check out the Jobri on Amazon.

Joe Rogan’s Ergonomic Office Chair: The Salli SwingFit Saddle Seat Chair

Joe Rogan's Ergonomic Office Chair: The Salli Swing Fit Saddle Seat ChairA little while back I wrote about the ergonomic office chair that Joe Rogan uses and was talking about on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. He offered few details on the chair other than the fact that it was some sort of ergonomic office chair that wasn’t like a traditional chair. I could have swore that he mentioned that it was a kneeling chair without a back, but on a recent podcast he revealed what the brand was: Salli.

A quick search of Amazon for “salli chair” displays a list of results for a variety of saddle seat office chairs, none of which feature kneeling pads. However, all are ergonomically designed and do not feature a back like a regular chair does. They feature saddle seats that are not far off from the type of seat that you would find on a tractor. I’m not sure if any of you grew up on a farm or have even seen an tractor up close, but if you look at the little picture to the right, you’ll see just what the Salli saddle seat office chair looks like.

I should have known that Joe Rogan wouldn’t have a simple $100 ergonomic office chair. Joe likes the finer things in life, and the Salli seat is definitely at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of office chairs. If you’d like a chair similar to the one that he uses, you can expect to pay upwards of $1,000 for one. Crazy but true.

So why would an office chair cost about a grand? For one, the Salli comes in a wide variety of colors allowing you to color coordinate one with the decor of your office. The chair also features a patented split-seat saddle design, which, according to an Amazon seller “cools” and “relieves pressure” on the genitals of both men and women. If the office chair you’re using now is uncomfortable on your junk and causes it to sweat uncontrollably, the Salli might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

The Salli SwingFit saddle seat also features a thick steel seat plate covered in foam and leather for comfort and durability along with high quality castors that allow you to manuver easily over both hardwood floors and carpet. The chair can also be adjusted up and down to fit users ranging from 5’1″ to 6’1″ in height. The 10-year warranty on the seat and 5-year warranty on the casters, tilt mechanisms, lift, and base ensure that your pricey investment is covered should anything go wrong with the futuristic chair.

So there you go! If you want to work in style like the man himself, check out the Salli chairs on Amazon.


What Type of Office Chair Does Joe Rogan Use?

What Type of Office Chair Does Joe Rogan Use?On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Joe’s producer Brian Redban asked Joe if he was sitting on a yoga ball because it appeared that he wasn’t sitting in a traditional chair. Joe replied that he was actually sitting on a kneeling chair.

Because I was listening to the podcast rather than watching it, I’m not sure if Joe actually showed the watchers the exact chair that he was using. Being unfamiliar with such a chair, I Googled it to learn what a kneeling chair was and to discover what the benefits of a kneeling chair are compared to a traditional chair.

First off, kneeling chairs don’t have a back rest. It looks almost like a broken chair, because there’s a place to sit and a place to kneel on, but there’s nowhere to lean back and relax. This of course is by design and it actually serves a great purpose.

A kneeling chair alters the angle of the body when in the sitting position, resulting in a properly aligned spine. The weight of the body is carried by the body in the area between the knees and the butt rather than the tailbone. If you’re going to be sitting for extended periods of time, such a chair could be easier on your body than a traditional chair that can leave you sore or stiff when sitting for long durations.

As I said, I wasn’t able to see Joe’s exact chair, but kneeling chairs come in a couple varieties. While all lack a back rest, they all have a place for you to sit and an area for your knees and shins to rest and to prevent you from falling out of the chair.

Many of the chairs look like stuffy office chairs that belong in a cubicle, but there are a handful of stylish options as well that would fit in perfectly in any modern household. Best of all, many kneeling chairs are reasonably priced, costing much less than what you would expect to pay for a regular old backbreaking leather executive.