Onnit Introduces New Clubbell Steel Clubs

Onnit Introduces New Clubbell Steel ClubsA while back Onnit introduced its very own line of Onnit-branded steel clubs in 5 lb., 10 lb, and 15 lb. weights. For the average person, those options might have been good enough. If you’re a savage like Joe Rogan though, you need something with a little more weight to swing around to give you a workout that kicks your dick in the dirt.

Yesterday I received an email from Onnit announcing that its just added some new steel clubs to the Onnit website. These, however, are not Onnit-braded steel clubs like the ones released a while back. These are Clubbells licensed from RMAX International. From what I can tell, they look exactly the same as the Onnit steel clubs, but they carry the Clubbell brand and trademark.

These new steel club bells are licensed from Clubbell and are available at Onnit in 25 lb., 35 lb., and 45 lb. weights. After growing accustomed to my 20 lb. kettlebell, I can only imagine what it must feel like to swing a 45 lb. Clubbell, and the thought of it already has my muscles aching. For that reason, Onnit reccomends these new Clubbells for those who already possess exceptional competitive strength.

If the idea of a 25 lb. or heavier Clubbell intrigues you but you’ve never tried one before, I suggest taking baby steps. First try out one of the smaller steel clubs that Onnit offers, which can be purchased either individually or as a pair at a discounted price. This should give you an idea of what to expect from a steel club or club bell workout, and allow you to work up towards using one of the heavier Clubbells for a more intense workout.

Onnit Steel Mace Exercises and Workouts

Onnit Steel Mace ExercisesUnless you’re a serious workout freak, participate in crossfit, or if you’re training for the UFC, you’ve probably never used a steel mace before. That’s exactly the predicament I was in when I first received my Onnit Steel Mace in the mail. Fortunately the Onnit website did have a list of steel mace exercises and workout routines to do. But, like I mentioned in my review, I didn’t know how to properly perform them!

What I’m going to do in this post is breakdown exactly how to do a variety of steel mace exercises, thanks to some helpful folks on YouTube. First we’ll get started with the Librarian to Barbarian workout which uses only a steel mace. Check out a list of the exercises and videos after the jump:

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