Do You Need Bulletproof Coffee Beans to Make Bulletproof Coffee?

Do You Need Bulletproof Coffee Beans to Make Bulletproof Coffee?Late last week I wrote about a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast featuring Bert Kreischer where the two got on the topic of Bulletproof Coffee. Bert told Joe how his father told him he was making Bulletproof Coffee and Bert discovered that he wasn’t actually using Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans to make this coffee. Bert wondered if Bulletproof Coffee could actually be made without Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans, but rather just organic coffee beans?

The original idea of Bulletproof Coffee doesn’t belong to Dave Apsrey. He simply took something that already existed, wrapped it in his Bulletproof brand, and marketed and sold it to his customers. The original idea can actually be traced back to someone called Robb Wolf. He came up with the idea a long time ago and wrote about mixing coffee with MCT oil and butter. I believe the idea of putting butter in coffee and tea isn’t new and has been around for decades (if not centuries), but mixing butter and coffee along with MCT oil was Robb Wolf’s.

The truth is you do not need Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee beans to make Bulletproof Coffee, and Bulletproof Coffee isn’t a unique and special thing. It was a combination of great marketing along with some misleading information that created the Bulletproof Coffee–and butter coffee in general–trend.

Rather than spending the money on an expensive Bulletproof-branded product, look for quality organic coffee beans locally and use those. You get to support a local business, get a fresher product, and don’t need to wait for something to be shipped to your home. Obviously this may not be an option for everyone, but if you live in a city with boutique coffee shops who roast their own beans, you can find there a wider variety of quality beans along with knowledgeable staff who can help you.

You do not need Bulletproof MCT oil to make Bulletproof Coffee either, nor do you need MCT oil at all. Instead, you may choose to use virgin coconut oil in your coffee, which is how MCT oil is made. Nearly all grocery stores should carry some type of virgin coconut oil for you to use. If you find that you like the coffee prepared in this fashion, you may want to experiment with MCT oil, at which point you may have to look to online for it since it’s not something that can be found at a typical supermarket.

Onnit Introduces Onnit Coffee by the Caveman Coffee Company

Onnit Introduces Onnit Coffee by the Caveman Coffee CompanyWhen Caveman Coffee first launched I asked someone over there if Onnit would be carrying Caveman Coffee Company products and they wouldn’t give me an answer either way. I should have known something was up, but this wasn’t what I expected. Rather than simply stocking Caveman Coffee Co. products on its virtual shelves, Onnit has gone a step further and had the guys (former UFC fighter Keith Jardine and friend of Joe Rogan/former MMA fighter/stuntman Tait Fletcher) over at Caveman Coffee come up with their own unique product that you can only find on the Onnit Labs website.

Onnit’s signature roast is Colombian Amber, a medium-light roast coffee, hand-picked from a single estate in Colombia by the individual farmer and his family who are also responsible for growing the beans. Once the beans are picked by hand, they are then washed and dried to ensure a quality product and prevent the growth of molds and toxins. They are then transported to America where they are roasted in small batches at altitude in New Mexico by the savages over at the Caveman Coffee Co. Each batch is roasted and quickly shipped to ensure that when you’re buying a bag of Onnit’s signature roast–or any of the Caveman Coffee beans–you’re getting the freshest product possible.

Much like Bulletproof Coffee, Caveman Coffee is meant to be consumed in the Bulletproof style: with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. You can also choose to substitute the MCT oil with coconut oil if you so choose. Both the beans (though not the exclusive Onnit roast) and the Caveman MCT oil are available on the Caveman Coffee website, while you can find the Onnit Colombian Amber medium-light roast and Onnit coconut oil on the Onnit website.

Onnit is running a little sale on its new Colombian Amber coffee beans, available in either a single bag, a twin pack, or a combo pack with one bag of coffee and one jar of coconut oil. If you want to check out Caveman Coffee’s MCT oil and beans instead, use the code TIGHT during the checkout process and that will save you 10% off your entire order.