Onnit Introduces Two New Cavemen Packs

Onnit Introduces Two New Cavemen PacksFeeling out of touch with your masculine side? Want to feel a little more manly? Onnit has something for you. It has just made available a new Cavemen Essentials Pack which contains everything you need to get back in touch with your primal nature.

Bundle packs aren’t new to the Onnit, website, but this particular one is. These bundles enable you to buy a few Onnit products at once and save a bit of money compared to buying them separately. Onnit has chosen the products contained in this Cavemen Essentials Pack very carefully, ensuring that you have everything you need to transform yourself from a doughy girly man into a complete savage.

The Cavemen Essentials Pack contains a bottle of Alpha Brain, a bottle of Stron Bone and Joint, a tub of the T+ testosterone supplement, and a box of Tanka bars as well. I’ve written about all of these products on this blog in the past, so use the little search box to the left to read my thoughts about all of them.

In addition, Onnit has introduced the Cavemen Club Pack as well. This package contains two club bells in either 5, 10, or 15 lbs. weights along with the CSTGX club bell DVD. This is literally everything you need if you want to start working out with club bells but aren’t sure how to start.

If that’s not good enough, Onnit will also be randomly giving away to buyers of The Cavemen Essentials Pack two of the one pood chimp primal bells, a chimp primal bell T-shirt, cavemen sketches, and a 45 lb. bruiser club as well. All of this gear is autographed by MMA fighter David “The Caveman” Rickles who is a member of Onnit’s Honor Roll.

More details are available on the Caveman page of the Onnit website.


CSTGX DVD ReviewIf it wasn’t for Joe Rogan, I don’t think I’d have ever heard of or started using kettlebells. Now Onnit is continuing my education by introducing me to wide range of exercise equipment that I never knew existed. The only problem with using relatively obscure or specialized exercise equipment is learning how to use it. YouTube videos are helpful, but DVDs are better.

RMAX International, the company behind Clubbells has a two-disc DVD set that does exactly this. CTSGX (Circular Strength Training Group eXercise) is the name of the double DVD, hosted by Scott Sonnen who is a martial arts master, fitness expert, and motivational speaker. He doesn’t host the DVD the way some others would, acting more excited than they should be while cracking lame jokes. Scott is calm, cool, and takes everything very seriously.

The first of the two DVDs is the perfect place to start whether you’re a beginner or already familiar with steel clubs and Clubbells. This will introduce you to the combination of modern sports science and Russian, Persian, and Indian disciplines of joint mobility. These strength training patterns and yoga flexibility sequences will help prepare you for the more complex second DVD which will really put your muscle endurance to the test.

The CTSGX DVD also features warm ups and cool down exercises to ensure that you gain the benefits of using steel clubs and Clubbells while remaining injury-free. And that’s what I feel is the most important reason to buy a DVD when using a new piece of exercise equipment. You learn proper technique from a qualified teacher to ensure you don’t get hurt. An investment of a few dollars for the CSTGX two DVD set (which is also available in bundles with Onnit Steel Clubs) is worth it if it keeps you out of the hospital.