Onnit Introduces EGN Powerfood

fOnnit Introduces EGN PowerfoodI first wrote about this product back in May of this year. Aubrey Marcus was on Joey Diaz’s podcast talking about Onnit’s upcoming products and he mentioned something about a new product that would rival Green Vibrance. Seven months later, this product has finally come to fruition, and it’s called Onnit EGN Powerfood.

Back then I had no idea what Green Vibrance was, so I did a little research and found out that it’s a powder that you mix in water or juice. It’s a superdrink that provides you with a wide range of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that a lot of us don’t get through our daily eating habits. Having the ability to drink some Green Vibrance and get everything you need from one glass is appealing. The problem according to Aubrey is that Green Vibrance doesn’t taste good. At all. If you’re like me, drinking something that tastes disgusting doesn’t make me want to drink it, regardless of how good it is for me.

So what Aubrey set out to do was to create something in the same vein as Green Vibrance, but have it taste good. The result is EGN Powerfood, with the EGN standing for Earth Grown Nutrients, a favorite phrase of Mike Dolce. It works in much the same way as Green Vibrance: you scoop some of the powder into a glass of water or juice and chug it back.

So what’s in this EGN Powerfood? Literally too much stuff for me to type out here, but I’ll break it down into categories: there are an assortment of antioxidants, a variety of greens, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, a blend of ingredients designed for detoxing, and a blend for digestion to cap it off. It’s honestly a little unbelievable when you look at the list of ingredients and think that somehow they condensed all of this stuff into the plastic jar of EGN Superfood, and that somehow you can obtain the benefits of these ingredients by drinking one glass of the stuff per day.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like eating many vegetables. I’d rather blend and drink them in a smoothie than eat them with my meals, but I try as best as I can. Knowing that you can mix up a drink and obtain the same benefits is definitely appealing. Now some of that stuff I force myself to eat I can take off the menu and substitute it with EGN Powerfood instead.

For those who care about gluten and GMOs and all those other food-related buzzwords, EGN Powerfood is vegan-friendly, non GMO, and it doesn’t contain any dairy, gluten, or soy.

Learn more about EGN Powerfood and its ingredients and benefits on Onnit’s website.

Why Cleanses Don’t Work

Why Cleanses Don't WorkI look at how people find this blog, and virtually everyone gets here through Google searches. A lot of those people are searching for information about Bolthouse Juices, and many of those folks are curious about juice cleanses. After listening to another Skeptoid podcast on the topic of cleansing, I decided to dedicate a short blog post to the myths surrounding cleanses.

Do a Google search for “cleanse” or “juice cleanse” and you’ll get flooded with results. Many of these cleanses require you to buy costly juices that you consume for a week or two at a time without eating any food during the cleanse. At the end of the juice fast, you may expect to lose a bunch of weight or rid your body of toxins and end up looking and feeling better. The truth is that while you may lose weight and might look better, you’re not going to be any healthier than you were before, and you could end up feeling worse.

As far as the so-called toxins go, if your body was really full of toxic chemicals, you’d be in serious trouble. If these toxins are coming from the food you’ve already eaten, your body has already processed them, so there’s nothing you can do after the fact. This seems to be the biggest selling point for many of these cleanses, and it’s more of a scare tactic than anything. Our body already rids itself of toxins via going to the bathroom!

Depriving our bodies of food will also make you feel worse. Food is energy, and the less you eat, the less energy you have. People who fast often grow more tired and lethargic. In addition, when your body doesn’t have the calories it needs for energy, it turns to not only your fat but your muscles as well. So you do end up losing weight, but you’ll end up losing muscle too.

At the end of the day, cleanses are popular because people are looking for a scheme to lose weight quickly without doing any of the work. Sure, it’s hard to deprive yourself of food for a short while, but it’s easier than putting in time at the gym and eating healthier for the rest of your life. Ultimately though, if you return to your regular eating habits when the cleanse is over, you’re just going to end up gaining the weight back again. To truly lose weight, look better, and feel better too, nothing works better than a proper balanced diet and regular exercise.