What is Kale?

What is Kale?Despite appearing like a type of lettuce, kale is actually cabbage, though it doesn’t form a head like a green or purple cabbage does. Being a part of the cabbage family explains why kale has a much thicker texture than romaine or green leaf lettuce does, and why its bitter taste is a noticeably stronger than the aforementioned lettuces. For these reasons, kale is a less than ideal candidate for your next Caesar salad.

Ideas for Preparing Kale
That’s not to say that kale can’t be used in a salad. There are many ways to prepare kale to make it more appetizing to the palate. Blanching and freezing will cause the kale to become sweeter and more flavorful, and allow you to keep it longer. Blending kale in a smoothie or shake is another popular way to consume kale. It’s also possible to bake or dehydrate kale as a healthy alternative to potato chips.

On the topic of health, kale is a very nutrient-dense food, which is the reason why I added kale to my diet and start each day with a kale shake. As someone who rarely eats vegetables, I appreciate how affordable kale is, how much kale you actually get for just a few dollars, and how easily I can sneak it into my diet. In addition to shakes, I make wraps with it, kale chips, and I eat it raw with a little bit of olive oil and Himalayan salt.