The Dolce Diet Ice Cream Recipe

The Dolce Diet Ice Cream RecipeLast week Mike Dolce was on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast dropping knowledge like he always does. If you’re into hearing about what to eat and how to lose weight, then maybe it wasn’t that informative of a podcast appearance. The majority of the time was spent talking about mixed martial arts fighters and what they go through with the weight cutting process leading up to fight day. There was one interesting nugget mentioned in passing during the podcast that piqued my interest, and that was for Mike Dolce’s ice cream recipe.

First off, the Dolce Diet ice cream recipe is not actually ice cream. If you’re familiar with Mike Dolce, that shouldn’t surprise you. Ice cream isn’t exactly an earth grown nutrient, nor are (m)any of the ice creams on store shelves made with such ingredients. Still, the idea of a healthy Dolce-approved version of ice cream lead me to do a bit of digging.

I looked on his Dolce Diet website for the recipe but couldn’t find it. Searching for “dolce ice cream” brought up a lot of results for ice cream shops and brands that use the name “Dolce.” After a few minutes, I finally uncovered in a brief Instagram post what the mysterious Dolce ice cream was all about. And now, I share it with you:

The Dolce Diet Ice Cream Recipe


  • plain organic greek yogurt
  • frozen black cherries
  • small handful of chia seeds


Add two cups of plain organic greek yogurt and two cups of frozen black cherries into your blender. Blend for 10 seconds. Scoop out with an ice cream scooper. Sprinkle chia seeds over the top. Enjoy!

Easy enough, right? And obviously you can tweak this to fit your tastes. I’d opt for blueberries over the black cherries and I suppose I can handle the chia seeds over the top, although I’d greatly prefer some sprinkles or gummi bears. Gummi bears count as earth grown nutrients, right?

(Credit to Mike Dolce’s Instagram for the picture and recipe.)

Don’t Count Calories, Make Calories Count!

Don't Count Calories, Make Calories Count!My man Mike Dolce has a lot of good advice for anyone who’s not only looking to lose weight, but to become healthy as well. One of Mike’s key points that he’s always driving home is that you don’t need to spend the rest of your life counting calories and obsessing over numbers each time you put something in your mouth. Instead, he says that you need to make your calories count.

So what exactly does Mike mean when he says “don’t count calories, make calories count!”? He means that if you’re eating healthy, earth grown nutrients, there’s no need to count calories. You’re putting good stuff into your body that your body can actually use and process, so you don’t need to worry about how many calories or how many points something has. The people who tend to do that tend to make food choices that aren’t good for them.

For example, I can remember years ago when I was overweight and wanted to shed some pounds, I decided to count calories. There was a bag of licorice in the house and I flipped it over to see how many calories were in a serving, and then I ate that many. Sure, I was counting my calories to lose weight, but the food that I was eating was doing nothing for me. It wasn’t going to make me feel full and it definitely wasn’t providing me with any vitamins or nutrients, either.

Calorie counters tend to go hungry too. They may eat the bad foods that they know they should avoid, but eat less of them and end up feeling starved for the rest of the day. This isn’t how you should go about things. Following Mike Dolce’s mantra of making calories count by eating earth grown nutrients, you can continue to eat and feel satiated throughout the day and not have to worry about how many calories or points you’re consuming.

For more information on Mike Dolce, I highly encourage you to check out his books Living Lean, The Living Lean Cookbook, Three Weeks to Shredded, and he also has a new book coming out soon designed specifically for students in college who want to stay healthy while in school. Also, check out his podcast available for free on iTunes called The Mike Dolce Show. BOOM!

Mike Dolce’s Breakfast Bowl Recipe

Mike Dolce's Breakfast Bowl RecipeMike Dolce has a great book called Living Lean that is packed with great recipes, but also a lot of information about eating healthy coupled with stories that will motivate you to lead a cleaner lifestyle. Lately I’ve been trying to eat as much Dolce-approved foods whenever possible, and using his recipes as well. One of my personal favorites is the breakfast bowl.

If you follow Mike Dolce on Twitter, you’ll see he retweets a lot of people who are “Dolce Disciples” (my term) who also love the breakfast bowl! It does take a bit of time to prepare, but the end result is definitely worth the prep time it takes. The breakfast bowl is filled with healthy ingredients that will satisfy your hunger until your next meal or snack, and it tastes really good too.

The ingredients you’ll need for the breakfast bowl are as follows: oat bran or buckwheat; blueberries; strawberries; raisins; banana; peanut or almond butter; flax seeds; cinnamon; water. I won’t get into toe specifics of making the breakfast bowl, but with that list of ingredients you can probably figure out what to do. I’d suggest picking up Living Lean or The Living Lean Cookbook if you want to learn exactly how to make the breakfast bowl along with many other healthy recipes.

The one part of the breakfast bowl that always trips me up is making the oats on the stove with a sauce pan. I’m so used to nuking a packet of oats in the microwave that standing over the stove each morning is definitely taking some getting used to. That being said, when the breakfast bowl is made and I sit down to eat it, the extra little bit of effort definitely feels and tastes like it paid off.

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