CSTGX DVD ReviewIf it wasn’t for Joe Rogan, I don’t think I’d have ever heard of or started using kettlebells. Now Onnit is continuing my education by introducing me to wide range of exercise equipment that I never knew existed. The only problem with using relatively obscure or specialized exercise equipment is learning how to use it. YouTube videos are helpful, but DVDs are better.

RMAX International, the company behind Clubbells has a two-disc DVD set that does exactly this. CTSGX (Circular Strength Training Group eXercise) is the name of the double DVD, hosted by Scott Sonnen who is a martial arts master, fitness expert, and motivational speaker. He doesn’t host the DVD the way some others would, acting more excited than they should be while cracking lame jokes. Scott is calm, cool, and takes everything very seriously.

The first of the two DVDs is the perfect place to start whether you’re a beginner or already familiar with steel clubs and Clubbells. This will introduce you to the combination of modern sports science and Russian, Persian, and Indian disciplines of joint mobility. These strength training patterns and yoga flexibility sequences will help prepare you for the more complex second DVD which will really put your muscle endurance to the test.

The CTSGX DVD also features warm ups and cool down exercises to ensure that you gain the benefits of using steel clubs and Clubbells while remaining injury-free. And that’s what I feel is the most important reason to buy a DVD when using a new piece of exercise equipment. You learn proper technique from a qualified teacher to ensure you don’t get hurt. An investment of a few dollars for the CSTGX two DVD set (which is also available in bundles with Onnit Steel Clubs) is worth it if it keeps you out of the hospital.

The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 2 DVD Now Available

The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 2 DVD Now AvailableI mentioned before about how badass Keith Weber’s The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout DVD is, but I haven’t yet had a chance to review it. To make me feel even worse about myself, Keith has gone ahead and recorded the sequel. It took months to prepare and even longer to come up with the name, but The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 2: Exceed Your Limits DVD has just dropped, and of course Onnit has it up on its webstore.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Keith Weber has been described as “masterfully sadistic” and I’d say that’s about right. The first of these two DVDs is Joe Rogan’s favorite, and he’s been known to recommend it on his podcast, telling his listeners that one 35 lb. kettlebell, the original DVD, and 20 minutes is enough to kick his dick in the dirt.

The Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout 2: Exceed Your Limits DVD features eight new workout routines for you to pick and choose from, along with a warm up to get your body ready for the beating it’s about to endure, and two routines that target the core to give you a six pack like Keith is sporting on the cover.

Amy Bento Kettlebell Dynamics DVD Review

Amy Bento Kettlebell Dynamics DVD ReviewI thought that because this particular DVD was hosted by a female and not some muscular juice donkey that it would be easy and I would be able to jump right into it without issues. I was wrong. The first time I put on the Amy Bento Kettlebell Dynamics DVD, I couldn’t even get through the warm-up. That’s how out-of-shape I was.

Amy Bento starts the DVD by taking you through a number of the kettlebell swings and lifts that you will be doing throughout the DVD. This was very helpful, as I hadn’t used kettlebells before and wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t do anything that would end up injuring my back. After this introduction, she starts into the warm up with a variety of stretches and cardio exercises to to prepare the body.

The meat of the DVD is broken into four workouts, each one averaging about 20 minutes or so, give or take. Each of these workouts is then broken up into three exercise routines with a minute of cardio after each one, followed by a cool down/stretch period at the end of each. I’m not sure if they’re meant to be done in a row, but I do workout one per day, making sure to do the warm up prior to each of the workouts along with the cool down.

As I mentioned, it was really hard for me at first to even get through one workout. I can now blast through the warm up and one exercise and feel great afterwards. They’re actually fun to do and can be quite challenging as well! I’ve been doing the Amy Bento Kettlebell Dynamics DVD for a few months now and can honestly recommend this to any woman—or man for that matter!–who’s looking for a great introduction to kettlebells that will also be stimulating months down the line.