Onnit Introduces EGN Powerfood

fOnnit Introduces EGN PowerfoodI first wrote about this product back in May of this year. Aubrey Marcus was on Joey Diaz’s podcast talking about Onnit’s upcoming products and he mentioned something about a new product that would rival Green Vibrance. Seven months later, this product has finally come to fruition, and it’s called Onnit EGN Powerfood.

Back then I had no idea what Green Vibrance was, so I did a little research and found out that it’s a powder that you mix in water or juice. It’s a superdrink that provides you with a wide range of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that a lot of us don’t get through our daily eating habits. Having the ability to drink some Green Vibrance and get everything you need from one glass is appealing. The problem according to Aubrey is that Green Vibrance doesn’t taste good. At all. If you’re like me, drinking something that tastes disgusting doesn’t make me want to drink it, regardless of how good it is for me.

So what Aubrey set out to do was to create something in the same vein as Green Vibrance, but have it taste good. The result is EGN Powerfood, with the EGN standing for Earth Grown Nutrients, a favorite phrase of Mike Dolce. It works in much the same way as Green Vibrance: you scoop some of the powder into a glass of water or juice and chug it back.

So what’s in this EGN Powerfood? Literally too much stuff for me to type out here, but I’ll break it down into categories: there are an assortment of antioxidants, a variety of greens, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, a blend of ingredients designed for detoxing, and a blend for digestion to cap it off. It’s honestly a little unbelievable when you look at the list of ingredients and think that somehow they condensed all of this stuff into the plastic jar of EGN Superfood, and that somehow you can obtain the benefits of these ingredients by drinking one glass of the stuff per day.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like eating many vegetables. I’d rather blend and drink them in a smoothie than eat them with my meals, but I try as best as I can. Knowing that you can mix up a drink and obtain the same benefits is definitely appealing. Now some of that stuff I force myself to eat I can take off the menu and substitute it with EGN Powerfood instead.

For those who care about gluten and GMOs and all those other food-related buzzwords, EGN Powerfood is vegan-friendly, non GMO, and it doesn’t contain any dairy, gluten, or soy.

Learn more about EGN Powerfood and its ingredients and benefits on Onnit’s website.

What is Green Vibrance?

What is Green Vibrance?I first wrote about Green Vibrance a week ago after Aubrey Marcus, the brains behind Onnit, mentioned it on a podcast. He spoke about how Onnit was working on its own version of Green Vibrance because he considers it to be the most important part of his supplement regimen. But still, I was left with questions like what exactly is Green Vibrance and how could I benefit from taking it?

Green Vibrance is designed to provide nutrition to your whole body. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that most people aren’t obtaining in their current diets. Green Vibrance also helps efficiently deliver those vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to every cell within the body. It also promotes digestive tract health, which in turn helps the body absorb all the aforementioned vitamins, minerals, and nutrients better than ever.

There’s no way that I could even begin to tell you about all the ingredients in Green Vibrance. For that, just click here for the full list and prepare yourself for a long read. Done? OK, good! As you can see, everything is measured in micrograms with each serving being a total of 12 grams. You add this 12 grams of Green Vibrance powder to water and then chug it back. It won’t taste good, but that’s not the point. It will make you feel good.

Keep in mind that I’m only scratching the surface in terms of what Green Vibrance contains and how it can benefit you by adding it to your daily supplement regimen. I’m actually quite intrigued by this product and plan to order some soon. Also, knowing how important Green Vibrance is to Aubrey and learning that Onnit is working on its own version has got me very excited!