How to Silence Creaky Joints

How to Silence Creaky JointsI’m relatively young still, not even in my mid-thirties yet and I exercise regularly. I’d like to think of myself as being healthy, but one thing that concerns me is my creaky knees. Whenever I bend down when I’m exercising or simply to pick something up off the ground, my noisy knees sound like they’re grinding. What does that mean, and should I be worried?

It seems that creaky joints are fairly common and don’t necessarily mean that you could be developing arthritis. The point at which you should become concerned is if your joints are they’re swollen, sore, stiff, or if they buckle without warning. Fortunately, my creaky knees (and sometimes my hips) are just noisy and don’t bring me any discomfort.

As I mentioned, when you feel pain is when you should see the doctor. Knee pain can mean a number of things, such as joint inflammation and knee effusions, the latter of which is when your knee is producing more fluid to increase lubrication and cushioning. If you find your knee gives out without warning, that could mean that your cartilage or your knee joint is damaged.

But if you don’t have any of the above symptoms, what can you do to silence creaky knees? Research using guinea pigs found that omega-3 oil helped to loosen joints and helped to prevent osteoarthritis in the guinea pigs. Many people also find that their creaky joints feel better and become quieter when using a fish oil supplement rich in omega-3 oils, such as the Arctic cod live oil available at Onnit. This particular cod liver oil is contains no fish body oil or artificial additives.

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