Onnit Introduces ViruTech and Updated Shroom Tech Immune

Onnit Introduces ViruTech and Updated Shroom Tech ImmuneIt wasn’t too long ago that I was complaining about how Onnit was only dropping new iterations of rope-based exercise equipment and not releasing enough new supplements, and my complaints have been heard.

I received an email from Onnit a couple days ago about two new(ish) products: ViruTech and an updated Shroom Tech Immune. Both of these new formulas are designed to protect the body from sickness and to help prevent it as well.

ViruTech was once known as Vitamin C and L-Lysine and it has been changed enough to warrant  a new and more catchy name. ViruTech is a proprietary combination of amino acids and antioxidants designed to create a powerful base for the body’s immune system to ward off sickness. ViruTech includes a cocktail of ALA, vitamin C, lysine, zinc, and selenium.

The updated version of Shroom Tech Immune has been changed completely and is now entirely food-based. Its ingredients include tumeric, curcuminoids, astragalus, lemon peel, oregano leaf, and ginger. Like ViruTech, the updated version of Shroom Tech Immune is formulated to prepare the body for any immune challenges it will encounter during day-to-day life.

Virutech and Shroom Tech Immune can be used either individually or together, and both are available right now on the Onnit Labs website.

What Supplements Does Joe Rogan Take Daily?

What Supplements Does Joe Rogan Take Daily? A few days ago when Joe Rogan published on his Twitter a picture of his new Angry Hulk Loads shake along with the recipe, he also included the supplements that he takes every day. I’m not certain if this is all of them, but this gives us a good idea of what he takes to feel good. And, like a good salesman, there are a few Onnit products worked in there as well. The three Onnit products Joe Rogan takes each day are Alpha Brain, Vitamin C and L-Lysine (now called ViruTech), and Spirulina and Chorella. The first two I’ve covered in earlier blog posts and you can check them out here, but the one I wasn’t so familiar with yet was Spirulina and Chorella. In a nutshell, Spirulina and Chorella are forms of algae that are packed with nutrients. This is new to me, so I plan on covering it in a future blog post. Next is Carlson Super Omega-3 Gems Fish Oil. These soft gelatin pills feature fish oils from cold water fish that are rich with Omega-3s. Why is having Omega-3s in your diet important? It can improve memory, aid in immune function and joint health, and promote healthy hair, skin, teeth, and nails. To be honest, I’m surprised he’s not taking Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil instead! Last but not least is the Pure Encapsulations Athletic Pure Pack. At first I thought this was some sort of a powder that you would add to water, but it’s actually a tiny packet containing a few pills. The pills are three capsules of Athletic Nutrients, trace minerals, and Melafolin L-5-MTHF. Everything in the pack is designed for healthy athletic activity whether you’re a savage like Joe Rogan or an average person who likes to exercise.