Onnit Fourth of July 2014 Sale: Save 15% Off Hemp Force Products

Onnit Fourth of July 2014 Sale: Save 15% Off Hemp Force ProductsOnnit hasn’t officially said this is its 2014 Fourth of July sale, but it’s safe to say that this will be all that’s offered, since the sale starts today and extends to the end of July 9th.

All Hemp Force products–that’s the Hemp Force ChocoMaca and Hemp Force Vanill-Acai protein powders and the Hemp Force Vanill-Acai bars–are now on sale at a savings of 15% off. If you buy the twin pack of protein powders you save even more, around 25% off the regular retail price.

As I said, this is likely the only sale Onnit Labs will have this Fourth of July long weekend. There’s no coupon code to enter, the prices have simply been reduced on the website. The sale is on right now and goes until 11:59PM PST on Wednesday, July 9, 2014.

Save 16% Off All Onnit Food Products and Blendtec Blenders

Save 16% Off All Onnit Food Products and Blendtec BlendersI must have missed this late last week when the new Onnit Hemp Force Vanill-Acai protein powder dropped, but in celebration of the new product release, Onnit also put all of its food products on sale at 16% off. You don’t have to enter an Onnit coupon code, either. Everything’s on sale within the Foods category on the Onnit website.

Things like the original Hemp Force ChocoMaca, the aforementioned Hemp Force Vanill-Acai, Hemp Force bars, Bulletproof Coffee, either bags or in bundles, and so many other things too numerous to mention here in one paragraph.

Another interesting item that’s on sale at 16% off is the Blendtec WildSide blender. This is the ultimate blender if you like making smoothies, or even your own salad dressings and things of that nature. This is the blender that Joe Rogan owns and uses on a daily basis to blend up his Hulk Loads. Yes, they are expensive with a regular retail price of $500, but now you can get one at 16% off.

I wish I wrote about this sale earlier, but as I said, I didn’t catch it in time. That being said, there’s still time left if you act quickly. The 16% off food products sale ends on Monday, September 30, 2013 at 11:59 CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST. That’s today! Now’s the time to grab that blender you want, to try the new Hemp Force Vanilla, or to stock up on other Onnit food products.

How to Make Your Own Onnit Hemp Force Protein Powder

How to Make Your Own Onnit Hemp Force Protein PowderOne of the cool things I originally liked about Onnit when I first heard about the company on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast was how it provides a list of ingredients for many (all?) of its products on its website. That way, as Joe would say, if you wanted to make your own at home, you could. I can say now that I think they do this knowing that there’s no way you’ll be able to replicate their products 100%.

What I set out to accomplish was to make my own Hemp Force protein powder. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I found a local source for maca root powder, unsweetened cocoa powder, and stevia. I then purchased some Manitoba Harvest hemp protein powder since hemp powder wasn’t available in bulk form. Finally, some vanilla extract completed the ingredients list. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any vanilla extract powder either, so the liquid variety would have to suffice.

Over the course of the next five days I concocted two shakes per day trying to replicate the undeniably delicious Onnit Hemp Force recipe. Some of my shakes were overpoweringly sweet, no doubt due to using too much stevia. Others had too much vanilla or cocoa taste, thanks to too much of those ingredients, obviously. Some simply just didn’t offer much in the taste department, likely because I was being too modest with the cocoa, stevia, and vanilla. This proved to be much more difficult than I had anticipated.

In the end, what I learned is that I couldn’t replicate Onnit Hemp Force protein powder. While I did have a list of all the ingredients, I didn’t know what ratio to use them in. Ultimately, it was cheaper to just spend the money on buying the real thing rather than trying unsuccessfully to make my own. It’s also easier, cuts down on prep time, and you have the peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re getting. If you managed to breakdown the Hemp Force recipe, please comment with the ratios because I’d love to try it!

What’s the Difference Between Cocoa Powder and Cacao Powder?

What's the Difference Between Cocoa Powder and Cacao Powder?The other day I was at a local bulk food store and noticed they had organic maca root powder available for sale, which instantly made me think of Onnit’s Hemp Force protein powder since that’s one of its main ingredients. Nearby I also saw pure cocoa powder with no additives, another ingredient in Hemp Force protein powder. Around the corner I came across some pre-packaged cacao powder which was priced much higher and came in a fancy bag touting how healthy it was. This got me wondering, what exactly is the difference between cocoa and cacao?

What I learned is that there really isn’t a difference, if any at all. In fact, only in English-speaking countries is there cocoa and cacao. All other languages only have one word for cocoa powder: cacao. It’s actually believed that the word cocoa came about due to a spelling mistake, and it happened to catch on because it was easier to pronounce.

So why does the word cacao seem to be popping up more and more lately? It’s more or less being used by companies as a marketing tool to show that their powder is more “pure” or “raw” compared to regular cocoa powder. However, according to the FDA, cocoa powder and cacao powder are different ways to label the same product. That being said, pure/raw cacao powder has the fat from the cacao butter removed, while cocoa powder may have some remaining.

To bring things back to where I started, I looked around the maca root powder and cocoa powder, trying to find a hemp protein powder. I figured if all the ingredients were in one store, I could make my own Hemp Force! Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. All I could find were hulled hemp seeds, which are much different from hemp protein powder (I’ll get into this in a later blog post). Looks like I’ll be sticking with Onnit’s Hemp Force protein powder…for now!