What are Earth Grown Nutrients?

What are Earth Grown Nutrients?Joe Rogan has been a big help towards helping me live a healthier life, but so has my man Mike Dolce. Anyone who’s listened to his podcast, follows his Twitter, or read any of his books knows that he is always preaching earth grown nutrients. Keeping this in mind whenever you eat is an easy way to ensure you’re making healthy choices.

So what exactly are earth grown nutrients? Simply put, they’re things that are grown naturally. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It may seem somewhat limiting, but take a look through Mike’s books Living Lean and The Living Lean Cookbook and you’ll see a wide variety of foods, recipes, and meals that are both healthy for you and delicious as well.

Eating earth grown nutrients also means that you don’t have to eliminate anything like some other fad diets require. You don’t have to eliminate carbs, gluten, meat, or sugar. You just have to eat the right things. If you’re unsure, flip over the packaging in the grocery store. If you see anything on the list of ingredients that isn’t earth grown or something that sounds like a chemical, it’s best to set it back down and look for something else.

Dolce recommends eating earth grown nutrients every two to four hours. He also suggests eating only until you’re satisfied, rather than eating until you are full. I know that for myself, this is especially difficult to do. However, following Dolce’s guidelines, you do eat less but you eat more frequently than most people likely do, which could be the key to avoiding overeating and reaching for something healthy over something that’s bad for you.

What are Chia Seeds?

What are Chia Seeds?I’ve talked a lot about Joe Rogan and how he’s given me a lot of great ideas in terms of getting fit and eating a bit healthier. Someone else who I follow and admire a lot is Mike Dolce. Anyone who’s a fan of the UFC will likely have heard of the Dolce Diet, which is the creation of Mike. He was once a professional MMA fighter but has now made the switch to helping fighters lose weight efficiently and healthily.

So what does Mike Dolce have to do with chia seeds? I was listening to his podcast The Mike Dolce Show and heard him talking about how chia seeds are a great source of energy. All along I thought they were only good for growing small green sprouts on tiny ceramic animals, so imagine my surprise when I heard you could actually eat them too!

The history of chia seeds in North America goes back to the Native American indians who ate chia seeds prior to and while running. They would carry little more than water and chia seeds for sustenance and were able to run great distances. But the history of chia seeds actually goes back much further than that, back to Mexico and South America where Aztec and Mayan warriors would eat chia seeds for nourishment during battles and hunting expeditions. The word “chia” is actually the Mayan word for strength!

Chia seeds have experienced a bit of a resurgance lately, and not in the form of novelty counter top sculptures. Due to their high content of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and tons of other good stuff, chia seeds are a popular superfood among athletes and those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With so many ways to prepare them and integrate them into your diet, there’s no reason to not eat chia seeds!