Onnit TPC: Total Primate Care Now Available!

Onnit Total Primate Care Back in Stock!It’s been a long time since it was last available, but Onnit Total Primate Care is now back in stock on the Onnit Labs website.

For the unfamiliar, Total Primate Care is a variety pack of sorts that’s available in 15 and 30-day supplies. Each daily supply comes with a day and a night pack. Inside each pack is a variety of Onnit supplements designed to give you the boost that you need throughout the day, and then the right combination of nutrients to help you relax and unwind before bed in the evening.

The supplements included in each TPC: Total Primate Care pack include Stron Bone and Joint, Shroom Tech Immune, Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, krill oil, Spirulina and Chlorella, New Mood, Vitamin C and Lysine, and Coral Calcium.

If you’re curious about Onnit products but are turned off by how expensive it can be to purchase a bottle of Shroom Tech Sport and a bottle of Alpha Brain, Total Primate Care is a good way to give things a test drive without breaking the bank.

Currently, a 15-day supply of Total Primate Care is on sale at $5 off its regular price, and the 30-day supply is on sale at $30 off the regular price.

Count Your Calories with Google

Count Your Calories with GoogleYears ago before the advent of smartphones–which was also the time before I started exercising regularly–I used to count my calories. I had a program on my computer that would do it, and it did have a lot of foods in its database but there were always some foods that it wouldn’t have. At that point, I’d have to Google it, find a website with the right information, and then plug that back into the program. It was cumbersome to say the least.

While I no longer count calories, those of you who do will appreciate a new feature that Google rolled out about a week ago. You know how you can Google the name of a band or a movie and along the right side of the page information will be displayed for you? Google now does that with foods. Not all foods of course, but about 1,000 food items currently. So you can Google “how many calories in an apple?” and you’ll be presented with a wide range of nutritional information along the right side with the calorie count above the search results.

It’s hard to see in the screenshot, but there’s a drop down menu where you can choose the type of apple (boiled, microwaved, peeled) and the quantity (in grams, or by size) and the calorie count will update for you. This is really handy for anyone who’s casually counting their calories, cooking but trying to stay healthy, or anyone who’s curious about how many calories they’re actually taking in each day.

This feature has only been active on Google for about a week with around 1,000 foods and drinks currently in the database. Even alcohol is in there if you’re wondering what alcoholic beverage has the least amount of calories, but I’m pretty sure it’s a vodka tonic since most girls at a bar will order that. Nevertheless, check out Google for nutritional information and calorie counts if you haven’t yet!

Onnit TPC: Total Primate Care Review

Onnit TPC: Total Primate Care ReviewOnnit has just released TPC: Total Primate Care. This isn’t a new product, but rather a repackaging and bundling of its most popular supplements. The advantage to choosing Total Primate Care is that you can save a substantial amount of money compared to buying bottles and bottles of each individual supplement separately. You also ensure your body is obtaining all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs that can’t always be found in the foods you eat on a daily basis.

TPC: Total Primate Care vitamin packs are touted to be “brain and body health for a happy human”. Available in 15 and 30-day packages, each box contains day and night packs for each of the 15 or 30 days. During the day, you have a capsule each of Stron Bone and Joint, Shroom Tech Immune, Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, and krill oil, along with two capsules of Spirulina and Chlorella. At night, there is a capsule each of New Mood, Vitamin C and Lysine, Shroom Tech Immune, Coral Calcium, and Krill Oil, with two capsules of Spirulina and Chlorella.

The supplements chosen for the day pack were selected to help give your body a kickstart when you first wake up. Alpha Brain will ensure your brain is running at full RPM, while Shroom Tech Sport provides you with the energy you need to muscle through the day. Stron Bone and Joint and the rest of the supplements provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly.

I’ve written about Spirulina and Chlorella in the past and its benefits, so its no surprise to me that it was also included in the night pack along with the day. Krill oil is also included in the day and night pack, providing essentially fatty acids the body needs to reduce inflammation and curb high blood pressure. The rest of the supplements included in the night pack were chosen to supply the body with essential vitamins and nutrients, boost immune levels, and to help you relax. New Mood will boost serotonin levels to help you relax at the end of a stressful day.

Buying all of these supplements individually would cost over $200. With Onnit’s TPC: Total Primate Care, it’s just over $100. That works out to only $3.65 per day. For less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks each morning, you can ensure your body is feeling healthy and running at peak performance. TPC is also more convenient if you’re especially busy or if you travel frequently, enabling you to toss a package into your bag or suitcase without having to count out each capsule individually.

As you can see, the benefits to Total Primate Care are plentiful. If you were on the fence about trying any of these supplements, either individually or combined together, TPC is a great opportunity to do so at an affordable price.

Tanka Bars Review

Tanka Bars Buffalo Bars ReviewTanka Bars are unlike any other bar you’ve eaten in your life, be it a granola, chocolate, or energy bar. What sets Tanka Bars apart from all the others is that they’re made with meat! It may sound like something new and completely foreign, but the recipe for Tanka Bars is based on a Lakota Indian recipe that’s centuries old, using fruit to actually preserve the dried meat in the bar.

Sounds a little strange, right? Well, things get a little stranger. The Tanka Bar recipe doesn’t include beef, chicken, or pork. Instead, the bars are made with organic buffalo meat! As I mentioned, the recipe is centuries old, originally based on the recipe for something called “wasna”. Traditionally, wasna was eaten by hunters and warriors with its protein providing a quick boost of energy. But that doesn’t mean that we too can’t benefit from this delicious and healthy snack in the 21st century.

Tanka Bars are free of a lot of things: gluten, nitrates, MSG, hormones, and dairy products. With an ever increasing amount of people developing allergies to both gluten and dairy products, it can oftentimes be difficult to find a snack that is free of both while still being tasty. A Tanka Bar meets this criteria.

So how exactly do they taste? Honestly, I’ve replaced all granola bars, energy bars, and chocolate bars with them. I’ve always been more of a salty over sweet person, opting for beef jerky over licorice any day. In a way, Tanka Bars satisfies both of those cravings. The meat is soft and smoky, the tart cranberries add a bit of sweetness, a dash of garlic and onion balance it out, and a blend of jalapeno and habanero peppers adds a welcome kick of heat. It’s like everything I look for in a snack food has been mashed together while amazingly, it somehow manages to taste delicious. I cannot recommend Tanka Bars enough!