New Onnit Silkscreened Art Prints and Zombie T-Shirts!

Onnit Zombie Bell Kettlebell T-ShirtFirst off, let me start this post by apologizing for the lack of updates recently. As I mentioned earlier, I was on holidays last week so I took the week off. Then, I got busy getting back to work and couldn’t find the motivation to update the blog during my free time. But I’m back into the swing of things now and hope to update Tight Lightning at least three times per week: every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

For today’s blog post, I just want to point out a few new things that Onnit has on its webstore. I’ve been writing about Onnit a lot recently, mainly because the company decided to drop so many new products all at once. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, but I’ve been writing more about products and less about other things like exercise, food, and other healthy tips to help improve your life.

As you guys know, Onnit released its line of Zombie Bell kettlebells just before Halloween. Onnit also released DigesTech, its new digestive aid to help ease discomfort caused by eating and to help your body absorb vitamins and nutrients more efficiently. If that wasn’t enough, the Onnit 180 rejuvenating drink mix (with Alpha Brain!) that’s designed to help the body recover was also released within the past couple of weeks. But the company also dropped a few other new items that won’t help you improve the way your body looks or feels.

The first of these items is a line of Onnit silkscreened prints. I’ve always admired the artwork that Onnit uses on its shirts. It’s stylish, it’s unique, and it’s not plastered with logos and text. As you can see below, each print relates to an Onnit product without being too obvious. I’m seriously considering ordering the shark print to frame for my house, but the owl with its glow in the dark ink is badass too. They’re priced just under $15 each, so they’re a rather inexpensive way to add some unique artwork to your home. Also worth mentioning is that each print is printed on fine recycled Speckletone stock paper, they measure 18”x24”, and they’re shipped rolled up to ensure they arrive in mint condition.

Onnit Silkscreened Art Prints

Speaking of Onnit’s artwork and T-shirts, a brand new Onnit Zombie Bell T-shirt has also been added to the website. Just like the other shirts, the Zombie Bell shirt features the same style of minimal flowing artwork with a splash of color. This one is more like a rainbow really, but it fits with the almost cartoonish style of the artwork. You can check it out at the top of this post, and if you would like to order it, you can find it on Onnit’s website in men’s and women’s sizes.

Onnit 180 Drink Mix Now Available!

Onnit 180 Drink Mix Now Available!I’m on holidays this week so I’ve been away from the computer, but I thought I’d type up this quick blog post to let everyone know that Onnit 180 drink mix powder is now available! I first wrote about this months ago–late spring or early summer, if I remember correctly–so this is a long time coming. I’ve been really excited about this product!

So in a nutshell, Onnit 180 is a rejuvenating drink mix that’s filled with vitamins and nutrients. I first heard Aubrey talk about Onnit 180 on Joey Diaz’s podcast The Church of What’s Happening Now and he said that it is a great product for anyone who suffers from jet lag, or for when you’re hungover. It’s actually like a few Onnit supplements combined: you get the cognitive enhancing and neurotransmitter benefits of Alpha Brain, the adaptogens from Shroom Tech Sport, 5-HTP from New Mood, along with minerals to boost the immune system and some new ingredients as well. Basically Onnit 180 is great for any situation where the body feels stress, like jet lag and hangovers of course, but when you’re feeling down or when you need Alpha Brain’s effects to hit you faster than taking the supplement in capsule form.

Onnit 180 powder drink mix is now available on the Onnit website and it comes in boxes of 10. It’s priced at about $30 for a box of 10, which can seem expensive, but keep in mind this isn’t Kool-Aid. It’s also not medicine, but you should treat it that way: taking it only when you need, not when you’re thirsty. Having a box at the office, at home, and one for the suitcase will ensure that you’re always covered when stress from flying, drinking, or working becomes overwhelming.

Earn Double and Triple Onnit Rewards Points

Earn Double and Triple Onnit Rewards PointsAs I wrote about earlier, Onnit introduced a points system that rewards those who make frequent purchases. The system works by awarding you points for every order that you place with Onnit. It’s a little bit like a video game in the sense that you level up with the more points that you earn. When you reach a certain amount of points, you gain achievements and unlock free gear, exclusive discounts, and early access to new products.

Onnit is currently running a promotion that rewards buyers even further. For every order that you place, you will receive double the amount of points compared to what you would typically receive. There is no minimum purchase, either. So, even if you order a single Tanka Bar, you will receive double the points.

To sweeten the pot a little further, if you spend over $200, you will receive triple the amount of points. Onnit doesn’t really run too many promotions or offer that many coupons, so this is a great way to work towards saving money on any future orders, or to gain early access to some of the new products that are in the pipeline, such as the Onnit 180 Revitalization Drink Mix (Update 11/6/13: Onnit 180 Revitilization Drink Mix powder is now available on the Onnit website!)and Vanilla Hemp Force protein powder.

The double and triple points is currently live on the Onnit website. It will run until August 7, 2013 at 11:59 CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST. If you’ve been waiting on ordering something, this could be the incentive you need to pull the trigger.

Sneak Preview of New Onnit Products

Sneak Preview of New Onnit Products

Yesterday I wrote about how the co-owner of Onnit, Aubrey Marcus, was on Joey Diaz’s podcast The Church of What’s Happening Now talking about what Onnit products he uses to cure his hangovers and jetlag. He also dropped a few other tidbits of information. What he talked about briefly was three new products that Onnit has in pipeline that will be dropping soon.

Onnit 180 Revitalization Drink Mix
Onnit 180 Rivitalization Drink Mix is a new powder that you mix in with a tall glass of water. Essentially it contains the same stuff that’s in Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, New Mood, and Shroom Tech Immune, except that it’s in a powder form rather than capsules. It also has sodium bicarbonate to help rehydrate your body and muscles, potassium iodine to protect your thyroid, along with antioxidants and grapeseed extract and blood sugar regulators. This is what you’ll take when you’re hungover or before and/or after a flight to help you cope with jetlag. I like to drink every week or two when there’s a UFC event, so this will definitely help me recover the next day. Update 11/6/13: Onnit 180 Revitilization Drink Mix powder is now available on the Onnit website!)

Onnit Hemp Force Vanilla Protein Powder
Since its release, Hemp Force protein powder has only been available in the chocolate flavor. Onnit recently released a protein bar version of Hemp Force in a vanilla chai flavor, and that got me wondering if Onnit had any plans to introduce a vanilla flavor of the Hemp Force powder. Well, Aubrey confirmed that Onnit is in fact working on a Hemp Force vanilla flavor, and that Onnit has sourced an exotic ingredient from South America that will act as the flavoring in the vanilla version much like cocoa does in the original Hemp Force.

Onnit Green Powder
Aubrey also talked briefly about an Onnit version of Green Vibrance that will provide all the nutritional benefits of that product, but it will taste good. I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard of Green Vibrance before, but I look forward to learning about Onnit’s version of this particular product.