Onnit Introduces New Battlebags

Onnit Introduces New BattlebagsOnnit Labs’ latest product in a line of “destabilized” exercise equipment is the Battlebag, which is essentially an Onnit-branded sandbag. Sand not included of course, as that would drastically increase the cost of shipping the product around the world.

In all seriousness, the Onnit Battlebag looks a lot like a duffel bag you’d use to haul stuff around in. It’s made of what appears to be thick, heavy canvas and it features four handles: two on the top and one on each end. The Battlebag can be purchased either without filler bags or with them. If you choose to purchase the Battlebag bundle with the filler bags, it’s up to you to buy some bags of sand from a local hardware store–most stores sell bags of sand for children’s sandboxes–and use that to fill up the filler bags, and then place the filler bags inside the Battlebag. If you already have Onnit’s Steelbells, you can put those in the Battlebag in lieu of the filler bags. It may sound confusing, but it’s not, and Onnit has a wide variety of purchase combinations available including Battlebags with and without fillerbags, and bundles with Primal Steelbells as well.

Like most of Onnit’s exercise equpiment, Battlebags are designed to improve and enhance your functional strength. This is the strength that we use and require on a day to day basis. Think picking up a squirming and screaming toddler in your hands and trying to keep them under control. Think picking up five bags of groceries while trying to close your car’s trunk or open the front door to your home. The destabilized, dynamic, shifting nature of the weight in a Battlebag will mimic such scenarios and allow you to become more functionally fit.

As I said the bag is outfitted with four handles, though Onnit encourages you to just pick up the bag and lift, swing, rotate, or throw it around. It’s designed to take a beating and load bearing tests show that the side handles can sustain up to 347 lbs. and the top handles up to 408 lbs. thanks to reinforced webbing and stitching where it counts the most.

The Battlebag is available now on the Onnit website in the following combinations:

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Only Four Hours Left for the Onnit Coupon Code JUNE48!Guys, there’s only four hours left to use the Onnit discount code of JUNE48. Entering the coupon code during the checkout process will get you 16% off your entire order. This includes EVERYTHING on the Onnit website. If you spend over $250, you’ll get an additional 10% off on top, brining the total to 26% off your order.

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I’ll be back at the same time on a Friday with a regularly scheduled blog post that doesn’t relate to Onnit. This deal was just too good not to share with everyone!

Save Up to 26% Off Everything at Onnit!

Save Up to 26% Off Everything at Onnit!Onnit is having a HUGE sale where you can save up to 26% off everything including supplements, foods, fitness gear, package deals, and even Blendtec blenders! Now’s the time to stock up on the products you already use, or to try the ones you’ve always wanted to sample.

The base amount you can save is 16% off everything. If you order enough and spend over $250 dollars, you save an additional 10% off your order, bringing the total up to 26% off.

To use this deal, all you have to do is shop and add items to your cart and then enter in the code JUNE48 during the checkout process. That’s it!

This sale is going on for just 48 hours and will end Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 12PM PST, which is 3PM EST. Visit Onnit Labs now and save!

Onnit Drops New Shroom Tech Sport, New Kettlebells, New Battle Ropes

Onnit Drops New Shroom Tech Sport, New Kettlebells, New Battle RopesOnnit has been dropping a bunch of new and updated products lately which I’ve held off writing about, but now that the company has updated one of its flagship products, I figured I should write a little bit about it.

The new Shroom Tech Sport formula has been updated to include a new ingredient: Ashwagandha. I had never heard of this herb before today, but some people call it “Indian Ginseng” which I had also never heard of until today. This particular ingredient features withanolides, alkaloids, and fatty and amino acids, all of which help the body cope with stress, which is useful during rigorous exercise and after putting your body through a tough workout. The product page on the Onnit Labs website has more detailed information if you’re curious.

Also updated recently are the Onnit basic kettlebells. If you’ve already purchased them, you likely won’t see a reason to upgrade. But if you’ve been wavering back and forth on buying some, now’s a good time to buy.

The new version of Onnit’s traditional kettlebell features an improved design and new coating. The coating is still chip and rust resistant so it will look nice for years to come. But it’s now smooth enough that it won’t irritate your skin when it’s rubbing on your hands and arms, and it has just a little bit of texture to hold gym chalk. There’s also more handle clearance, which comes in handy when performing snatch and press lifts, and the handles are longer which makes the horn grip more comfortable for us savages with giant hands like a bunch of bananas. If that wasn’t enough, there’s now high contrast lettering which makes the bells easier to read when your vision’s blurry from dehydration and working out too hard.

Also updated are the Onnit Battle Ropes. They are now available in a thinner 1.5 inch rope in 50 foot and 40 foot lengths, and also at a 10 foot jump rope length if a traditional jump rope isn’t heavy enough for you. These ropes are purple in color with black handles. There’s also a light blue battle rope which, like the purple one, is 1.5 inches wide and available in 50 foot, 40 foot, and 10 foot jump rope sizes. Of course, the original black and yellow battle ropes are still available too. There was also a limited edition 2.5 inch battle rope that was bright blue with red handles in a 30 foot length, but it is apparently sold out.

You know that book Joe Rogan always talks about on his podcast, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield? Onnit has that now too.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend guys!

Last Chance to Save 12% at Onnit

Save 12% at Onnit Until the End of the Olympics After two long weeks, the winter Olympics are coming to a close until 2018. Bode Miller didn’t win gold like Onnit and so many other people had hoped, but there’s a silver lining to this dark cloud. You can still use the code GOBODE at the Onnit Labs website and you can save 12 percent off selected items.

I’m not sure exactly how many products you can save money on with the code GOBODE, but there are a few that I know for sure: if you’re interested in buying Shroom Tech SportStron Bone and Joint, and/or battle ropes you can use the code GOBODE to save 12% off those items.

As I said, this is the last day of the sale and it expires tonight, Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 11:59 CST, which is 12:59AM EST or 9:59PM PST. Onnit doesn’t run that many sales anymore, so now’s the chance to save so money while you can.