What is the Alkaline Diet?

What is the Alkaline Diet?I heard about the alkaline diet recently but had no clue what it was. I made a little note in my phone to do some research about it, and, to my surprise, it’s not a diet where you eat nothing but batteries. It turns out the alkaline diet is a lot like the paleo or caveman diet.

When following the alkaline diet, there’s a limited amount of foods you can eat, which include vegetables, fruits that aren’t sweet, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes (but not peanuts), and healthy oils and fats. Another staple of the alkaline diet is himalayan salt. Foods to avoid when following the alkaline diet are all grains, meats, seafood, anything processed, anything starchy, sugar, oil, and fermented and dried food.

Sounds pretty limiting, right? To me, the caveman diet seems more appealing, as you can eat meat and a wider variety of fruits. But the ideas behind each diet are different. The caveman diet is to eat and live much like our ancestors from way back did. The alkaline diet is about balancing the body’s pH level. The diets that most people consume today are high in acid-producing foods. Many believe that keeping a pH level of around 7.40 will cure a wide range of ailments that perhaps our ancestors didn’t suffer from.

When we eat food and our bodies process that food, it releases either acid or an alkaline base into our blood. Things like grains, meats, and dairy products produce acid. The foods I mentioned that you can eat on the alkaline diet all release alkaline, which is why they’re recommended for this particular diet.

Sounds a little bit like snake oil, right? Proponents of the diet claim that it can help relieve headaches, congestion, colds and flus, anxiety, mucous production, and more. Maybe it’s just the fact that switching from a diet that includes a lot of junk to one that features only healthy foods just makes you feel better.

So does the alkaline diet work? I don’t know, but there’s certainly no harm in eating a diet that includes a wide range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils and fats. In fact, I would recommend it, but not as a miracle cure for your problems. I would recommend it to those who simply want to eat healthier and feel better too.