Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight

Trick Yourself Into Losing WeightI blog I read posted an interesting article a while back about the brain and how we can use psychology to help us lose weight. This isn’t a switch that you can turn on and off, but rather a few “tricks” to keep in your arsenal that you can use in addition to exercise and diet to help you shed some pounds.

One of the most well-known of these tricks is to use smaller dishes when you eat. One weakness of mine is cereal, and I can easily fill up a large bowl each morning. When I looked at the recommended serving of that particular cereal (in this case, it was Frosted Mini Wheats), I discovered that I was eating almost 400 calories of cereal without milk. Using a smaller bowl that I could fill to the top with half as much cereal as I would normally eat allowed me to curb how much I was eating. This can apply to all your meals and with different dishes. For example, smaller dinner plates will help you cut down on your portion sizes since you have less space to fill.

Speaking of dishes, the next time you’re shopping for new kitchenware, choose red. Subconsciously, our minds associate red with stop. This could be a subtle way to help us cut down on how much we eat.

Another suggestion is to eat with your non-dominant hand. If you’re right-handed, try eating only with your left. Research has shown that you’ll eat up to 20% less when eating this way. I can see how this would work, since you’ll likely eat slower because you’re not used to using that particular hand.

The speed at which you eat brings me to my next point, which should also be common knowledge: eat slower. Eating slower allows your body to begin to feel full. When you’re shoveling food in without letting it settle, you’ll overeat. Another trick to help with this is putting your spoon or knife and fork down after each bite.

The last suggestion I will share is to place more mirrors around your house, and in the kitchen if possible. If you’re not happy with how you look, catching a side profile glimpse of yourself as you’re reaching in the pantry for the cookies or a bag of chips might dissuade you from choosing junk food.

I realize some of these suggestions sound ridiculous, but who knows? They could work!

The full article with more suggestions can be found over at Sploid along with an accompanying video which goes into greater detail.