Black Friday Starts Early with Onnit’s April 2016 Mega Sale!

Black Friday Starts Early with Onnit's April 2016 Mega Sale!Onnit is running a semi-annual sale starting NOW, and you won’t see prices this low again until later in the year during Black Friday. If you’re running low on any supplements or foods, or if you need any new exercise equipment or clothes, now is the time to load up!

Onnit is offering 20% off all of its supplements, 18% off all of its foods, 15% off its fitness equipment, and 25% off its clothing and apparel. Remember, it’s important to buy early because when things are out of stock, they might not be back in stock until the sale is over.

As of April 19, 2016, this sale is now live! It will be running for just 72 hours, and the sale will end early on the morning of April 22, 2016 at 10 AM CST/11 AM EST/8 AM PST.

To save even MORE money, spend $150 and Onnit will take an extra 5% off your total order. Spend $250 or more and Onnit will take 10% off your order. You can really save some serious money when you buy in bulk during this sale.

To take advantage of this sale, simply visit the sale section of Onnit’s website and begin adding items to your cart. It’s that simple! No coupon codes, no messing around. Just shop and save.

All the Details on Onnit’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 Sale

All the Details on Onnit's Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 SaleOnnit sent me an email outlining the 2014 Black Friday sale. If you’ve been holding out for a great sale, this is it. This will likely be the last big sale of the year. While Onnit might run a sale on Boxing Day or at the end of the year, Onnit says that this will be the big one. In fact, Onnit says that this weekend is the company’s biggest sale of the year, giving you guys the chance to save up to 30% off your purchases plus an extra 5% off when you spend $150 or more, or 10% when you spend over $250!

But not everything is 30% off. The sale breaks down like this:

  • Save 25% off all supplements
  • Save 18% off all foods and fitness equipment
  • Save 30% off all gear (clothes, bags, etc.)
  • Save an additional 5% off on all orders over $150
  • Save an additional 10% off on all orders over $250!

This is the perfect opportunity for everyone. If you’ve never tried an Onnit product before but have been curious, now you can try at a discounted price. If you use Onnit products regularly, stock up for the new year and save a ton of money. And, if you’ve been holding off on buying some exercise equipment because it is so expensive, 18% off is a huge savings when you’re spending a few hundred dollars. You can even get the expensive Blendtec Blender at 18% off its regular price!

Personally speaking, I’m not grabbing any of the fitness equipment, though some of you might want the new Quad Mace, Legend Bells, or Primal Bells. Personally, Shroom Tech Sport and Alpha Brain give me the biggest benefits, and Hemp Force protein powder is something that I love but have been unable to duplicate myself using other ingredients. The T+ supplement is interesting but not the same formula as it once was. I’m also tempted to grab a Datsusara backpack or duffle bag or a few boxes of Warrior Bars. There’s so much stuff there now you really need to just visit the Onnit website and browse through it yourself. Sometimes even I forget about all the cool stuff that’s over there.

The sale starts on Friday, November 28, at 12PM EST, which you can think of as late Thursday night, so jump on the Onnit website at 11:59PM EST this TONIGHT. If you’re on the west coast, this starts at 9PM PST. The sale runs all weekend and all Monday, ending late Monday night at 11:59PM EST (or 8:59PM PST) which is December 1, 2014.

Here’s some ideas of things to buy, which link directly to the Onnit website:


Onnit Alpha Brain
Onnit Shroom Tech SportOnnit T+ Performance BoosterOnnit 180 Drink Mix


Blendtec BlenderOnnit Hemp Force Protein Powder
Onnit Tanka Warrior BarOnnit Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Fitness Equipment

Onnit Legend BellsOnnit Primal Bells
Onnit Quad MaceOnnit Kettlebells


Onnit Datsusara Duffle BagOnnit #Powerful Hashtag T-Shirt
Onnit Logo T-ShirtOnnit Apex Predator Shark T-Shirt

Finally, I also would like to say sorry that I haven’t been posting as much lately. I was on vacation recently and after returning to work from holiday, it can be difficult to get back into my regular daily routine, and as a result, things in my life got ignored. Like this blog for instance. I realize it’s another long weekend coming up with Thanksgiving, but I’ll get back into my bi-daily posting by taking baby steps. Starting with this post.

Onnit 72-Hour Sale! Save at Least 12% Off Everything!

Onnit 72-Hour Sale! Save at Least 12% Off Everything!Onnit just sent me an email to let me know that there’s a big sale going on over at the Onnit Labs website.

For the next 72 hours, you can save 12% off everything you order. This includes all supplements, all foods, all fitness equipment and gear, and all videos too. Yes, even the new Primal Gear Bags, wooden Indian clubs, and Legend Bells kettlebells are 12% off, too.

If that’s not enough, load up your cart with at least $250 worth of stuff. When you checkout, Onnit will take an additional 10% off your order.

If you’ve been waiting to stock up on any of the supplements or foods, now’s the time to do so. Onnit may not have another sale until the end of the year, and even that’s not guaranteed to come. A few months ago I thought there would be a big July 4th sale like previous years, but there was nothing.

To receive this 12% discount (and receive the additional 10% off $250 or more), simply enter the code FALL72 in the coupon box during the checkout process. The appropriate discounts will then be applied to your order and you’ll be able to complete the purchase at a hefty savings.

This sale is currently running and will end this Friday, October 24, 2014 at 10 AM PT, which is 7 AM ET.

Go forth and order Total Primate Care and Werewolf Legend Bells!

Onnit’s Labor Dale Sale Will Save You 15% Plus an Additional 10%

Onnit's Labor Dale Sale Will Save You 15% Plus an Additional 10%Onnit has launched its first real sale in a long while. This time it’s a Labor Day sale with everything marked down 15% off the regular retail price. If you happen to spend $250 or more on your order, an additional 10% will be taken off your order.

To take advantage of this order, all you have to do is head over to the Onnit website, add products to your cart, and then enter the code SEP72 during the checkout process. That’s it! The discount will be applied to your order along with the extra 10% taken off if your cart totals $250 or more.

This sale has been active all day today and runs until Friday, September 5, 2014 at 12PM PDT, which is 9AM if you’re on the east coast. Get shopping!

Only Four Hours Left for the Onnit Coupon Code JUNE48!

Only Four Hours Left for the Onnit Coupon Code JUNE48!Guys, there’s only four hours left to use the Onnit discount code of JUNE48. Entering the coupon code during the checkout process will get you 16% off your entire order. This includes EVERYTHING on the Onnit website. If you spend over $250, you’ll get an additional 10% off on top, brining the total to 26% off your order.

I’ve stocked up on 90-count bottles of my favorite supplements Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, New Mood, and bought a few tubs of EGN Powerfood. What are you guys buying?

I’ll be back at the same time on a Friday with a regularly scheduled blog post that doesn’t relate to Onnit. This deal was just too good not to share with everyone!