Onnit’s Bigfoot Sasquatch Primal Bells Kettlebell Now Available!

Onnit's Bigfoot Sasquatch Primal Bells Kettlebell Now Available!Late last week Onnit finally released what it has been teasing for literally months: the Onnit Bigfoot Primal Bells kettlebell! Yup, the same one that The Rock uses. If you get one, you’ll be big and strong like him! (Just kidding, normal people likely can’t even lift the thing.)

On the topic of weight, the Onnit Bigfoot/Sasquatch Primal Bell tips the scales at a hefty 2.5 pood, or 90.28 lbs. Not quite 100 lbs. yet still enough to make you feel like a wimp when you realize there’s no way you’ll be able to exercise with the thing. Maybe start off with the Howler, move on to the Chimp, then to the Orangutan, followed by the Gorilla, and then give Bigfoot a try.

But you don’t necessarily need to exercise with the thing. I know there are some people who just collect the Primal Bells, Zombie Bells (sold out), and Legend Bells to display in the home as decoration. The sculpts are cool enough that a collection of them can act as artwork in the home.

Each one of Onnit’s kettlebells and specialty bells are made with chip-resistant iron so they’re virtually bomb-proof. They’re all balanced as well, so they’re fully functional and can be used daily. You don’t necessarily need to keep these on display and never use them. Beat them up and they’ll still look amazing. Some people even go so far as to paint them to take it to the next level.

You’ll notice that I’m referring to the Bigfoot kettlebell as a Primal Bell rather than a Legend Bell. Despite the fact that Bigfoot doesn’t actually exist, Onnit released the Bigfoot kettlebell under its Primal Bells line rather than the Legend Bells line. Confused? I am too.

The Bigfoot Primal Bell kettlebell is available now on the Onnit Labs website, priced at just under $215. Order one and feel bad for the poor sap who will have to drag it up the stairs to your doorstep.



First Look at the New Onnit Sasquatch Legend Bell Kettlebell

First Look at the New Onnit Sasquatch Legend Bell KettlebellIt was rumored for a while, but now it’s confirmed. The next kettlebell in Onnit’s Legend Bells series will be the Sasquatch Legend Bell kettlebell.

Yesterday Joe Rogan posted a sneak peak of the upcoming kettlebell on his Instagram which you can also see pictured over to the right. No other information was posted other than the fact that it will be called “Sasquatch” rather than “Bigfoot” and that it’s “coming soon”. I’m not sure whether it will be larger or smaller than the 28kg Werewolf Legend Bell, but if I had to take a guess, I’d say that it will likely be bigger. I’d also wager that it will be out sometime before Halloween.

I tried to do a bit of digging on the Onnit website to see if I could unearth any other information the way I did with the Onnit 180 drink mix before it was released, but there’s nothing there that I could find. Rest assured that when new information does become available you will be able to find it here first.