Sneak Preview of New Onnit Products

Sneak Preview of New Onnit Products

Yesterday I wrote about how the co-owner of Onnit, Aubrey Marcus, was on Joey Diaz’s podcast The Church of What’s Happening Now talking about what Onnit products he uses to cure his hangovers and jetlag. He also dropped a few other tidbits of information. What he talked about briefly was three new products that Onnit has in pipeline that will be dropping soon.

Onnit 180 Revitalization Drink Mix
Onnit 180 Rivitalization Drink Mix is a new powder that you mix in with a tall glass of water. Essentially it contains the same stuff that’s in Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, New Mood, and Shroom Tech Immune, except that it’s in a powder form rather than capsules. It also has sodium bicarbonate to help rehydrate your body and muscles, potassium iodine to protect your thyroid, along with antioxidants and grapeseed extract and blood sugar regulators. This is what you’ll take when you’re hungover or before and/or after a flight to help you cope with jetlag. I like to drink every week or two when there’s a UFC event, so this will definitely help me recover the next day. Update 11/6/13: Onnit 180 Revitilization Drink Mix powder is now available on the Onnit website!)

Onnit Hemp Force Vanilla Protein Powder
Since its release, Hemp Force protein powder has only been available in the chocolate flavor. Onnit recently released a protein bar version of Hemp Force in a vanilla chai flavor, and that got me wondering if Onnit had any plans to introduce a vanilla flavor of the Hemp Force powder. Well, Aubrey confirmed that Onnit is in fact working on a Hemp Force vanilla flavor, and that Onnit has sourced an exotic ingredient from South America that will act as the flavoring in the vanilla version much like cocoa does in the original Hemp Force.

Onnit Green Powder
Aubrey also talked briefly about an Onnit version of Green Vibrance that will provide all the nutritional benefits of that product, but it will taste good. I’ll admit that I hadn’t heard of Green Vibrance before, but I look forward to learning about Onnit’s version of this particular product.

Aubrey Marcus’ Recipe to Cure Jetlag and Hangovers

Aubrey Marcus' Recipe to Cure Jetlag and HangoversYesterday Aubrey Marcus, co-owner of and the brains behind Onnit Labs, was on Joey Diaz’s podcast The Church of What’s Happening Now and he was dropping knowledge. I wrote in an earlier blog post about what you could do to cure a hangover, but it was mostly about what foods to eat and what to drink. Ever wonder what someone like Aubrey does when he’s hungover or suffering from jetlag?

Not surprisingly, Aubrey’s hangover cure—which he also uses for jetlag—includes a cocktail of Onnit products. He said that if you’re a man, try taking the following with a tall glass of water:

Unfortunately he didn’t specify what to try if you’re a female, but maybe cut down on the Alpha Brain and Shroom Tech Sport. Not that it would hurt to try that exact recipe, since nothing is a medication of any sort, but simply supplements crafted from natural ingredients.

Aubrey went on to say that the Alpha Brain works to support your neurotransmitters, the Shroom Tech Sport’s adaptogens help your body adapt to stress, the New Mood will kick start your 5HTP, and Shroom Tech Immune provides your body with zinc and other essential vitamins and minerals.

If you’ve got the Onnit products in your cupboard, give this recipe a try the next time you experience jetlag after a flight, or when you wake up hungover after a night on the town.