Don’t Count Calories, Make Calories Count!

Don't Count Calories, Make Calories Count!My man Mike Dolce has a lot of good advice for anyone who’s not only looking to lose weight, but to become healthy as well. One of Mike’s key points that he’s always driving home is that you don’t need to spend the rest of your life counting calories and obsessing over numbers each time you put something in your mouth. Instead, he says that you need to make your calories count.

So what exactly does Mike mean when he says “don’t count calories, make calories count!”? He means that if you’re eating healthy, earth grown nutrients, there’s no need to count calories. You’re putting good stuff into your body that your body can actually use and process, so you don’t need to worry about how many calories or how many points something has. The people who tend to do that tend to make food choices that aren’t good for them.

For example, I can remember years ago when I was overweight and wanted to shed some pounds, I decided to count calories. There was a bag of licorice in the house and I flipped it over to see how many calories were in a serving, and then I ate that many. Sure, I was counting my calories to lose weight, but the food that I was eating was doing nothing for me. It wasn’t going to make me feel full and it definitely wasn’t providing me with any vitamins or nutrients, either.

Calorie counters tend to go hungry too. They may eat the bad foods that they know they should avoid, but eat less of them and end up feeling starved for the rest of the day. This isn’t how you should go about things. Following Mike Dolce’s mantra of making calories count by eating earth grown nutrients, you can continue to eat and feel satiated throughout the day and not have to worry about how many calories or points you’re consuming.

For more information on Mike Dolce, I highly encourage you to check out his books Living Lean, The Living Lean Cookbook, Three Weeks to Shredded, and he also has a new book coming out soon designed specifically for students in college who want to stay healthy while in school. Also, check out his podcast available for free on iTunes called The Mike Dolce Show. BOOM!