Onnit Legend Bells Ghost Kettlebell Coming?

Onnit Legend Bells Ghost Kettlebell Coming?For those who aren’t following along, let me bring you up to speed: the first release in the Onnit Legend Bells kettlebell line is the 28 kg./62 lb. Werewolf kettlebell. But many months prior to its release, Aubrey Marcus (co-owner of Onnit) was on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast and mentioned in passing something about a Bigfoot kettlebell. At the time it didn’t seem like much, but now with the introduction of the Legend Bell line, it’s safe to assume that the Bigfoot kettlebell will actually see the light of day as another kettlebell in this specialty line.

Another podcast I listen to is The Fighter and the Kid with UFC fighter Brendan Schaub and comedian/actor/podcaster/friend-of-Joe-Rogan Bryan Callen. Late last week I was listening to one of these episodes and Bryan was introducing a new podcast sponsor and explaining to the listeners what the company does and provides. That company was Onnit. If you’ve heard a podcast advertisement before, you can imagine how it went. They all sound the same and get quite repetitive, especially if you listen to The Joe Rogan Experience and hear Joe talk about Onnit over and over. But what was interesting about this episode of The Fighter and the Kid is that Bryan mentioned something about a ghost kettlebell. He only mentioned it once and didn’t elaborate any further, but if one does materialize it will likely be a part of Onnit’s Legend Bell line.

The one strange thing about the idea of a ghost bell is that Joe hasn’t spoken on the topic of ghosts very much. Anyone who listens to his podcast knows that he loves werewolves and werewolf movies and knows that he’s obsessed with hunting, the outdoors, and the possibility of Bigfoot being a real creature rather than a thing of legend. But ghosts don’t come up that often.

Still, the idea of a ghost bell makes a bit of sense and would tie in with Halloween. Perhaps Joe and Aubrey couldn’t think of another monster to add to the kettlebell line? A vampire seems like an obvious choice, and maybe that one is in the works as well. The perplexing thing is what would a ghost kettlebell look like?

For now all we have to do is wait and see what Onnit will surprise us with next!

Onnit Introduces Werewolf Legend Bell Kettlebell!

Onnit Introduces Werewolf Legend Bell Kettlebell!Now this is is cool.

I was a fan of the original Onnit Primal Bells and Zombie Bells. The sculpts of them were very well done but I’m not into primates the same way Rogan is and I feel like the whole zombie thing has kind of run out of steam. But the Werewolf Legend Bell kettlebell is truly badass.

Like the other sculpted Onnit kettlebells that have come before it, the Werewolf Legend Bell is made with chip-resistant iron, is perfectly balanced so it performs like a traditional kettlebell, has the enlarged handle to really enhance your grip strength, and it looks awesome too. The Werewolf Bell weighs in at 28 kg.  which translates to 62 lbs.

I remember a while back that Aubrey said on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that Onnit was working on a series of Monster Bells. This Werewolf Bell is likely the first in a series of monsters that Onnit will introduce. It makes sense though, right? Introduce multiple monsters in different sizes and even if people don’t use them to workout with, they’ll likely collect them so they have the complete series.

The Onnit Werewolf Legend Bell kettlebell is now available from Onnit, priced at just under $147.