Onnit Introduces New Bamboo T-Shirts

Onnit Introduces New Bamboo T-ShirtsI’ve written about Onnit’s T-shirts in the past, specifically how much I like them. I love the colorful designs and appreciate how they don’t turn you into a walking billboard. They have large, colorful, bold artwork on the front with minimal Onnit branding.

Now, Onnit has introduced a line of premium T-shirts featuring the same graphics, but the shirts are made with a blend of bamboo and cotton. Why bamboo? Bamboo shirts are softer for one thing, and bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, so there’s the whole eco-friendly thing going on too. You can feel good about wearing a shirt from a sustainable material, and look good too.

Currently, just the Zombie design and the Apex Predator shark design are available in the premium bamboo option. Since Onnit has a number of T-shirt designs available, I expect that more bamboo shirts will be made available in the near future, though I have no confirmation on this. It only makes sense though.

Head over to the Onnit Labs webpage if you’re interested in a badass T-shirt that is soft enough that a baby could comfortably wear it. Just because you’re a tough guy it doesn’t mean you need to wrap yourself in leather and denim 24/7.

Onnit Zombie Bells Now Available!

Onnit Zombie Bells Now Available!Oh shit! Everyone has been waiting weeks for these, and now the Onnit Zombie Bells are finally available. I say “they” because there is actually more than one Zombie Bell. In fact, there are four Zombie Bells in total, varying in size of course, and they’re all available right now. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and now it’s that much cooler.

Let’s get right into it and take a look at each of these Zombie Bells working from smallest to largest, from the right side of the image below over to the left:

Onnit Zombie Bells Kettlebells

Brain Goblin Zombie Bell
This is the smallest of the Zombie Bells, weighing in at a half pood, which is 18 lbs. He has rotting flesh, exposed teeth, and angry lifeless eyes that stare back at you as you swing him around.

Staple Head Zombie Bell
The Staple Head Zombie Bell weighs a full pood or 36 lbs. He’s missing his nose and his lips and his scalp has been ripped off revealing his skull underneath, what’s remaining of his flesh is held to his head with staples.

Ghostface Thrilla Zombie Bell
The Ghostface Thrilla Zombie bell weighs 1.5 poods or 54 lbs. This guy has an angry sneer, he’s missing a nose and his lips, and like the others, his flesh is rotting off his face.

The Mega Death Zombie Bell
The most badass of all the Zombie Bells is the two pood 72 lb. Mega Death Zombie Bell. This guy too is a little angry that he’s a member of the living dead. Someone’s gotten to him and managed to clamp his mouth shut. While you won’t have to worry about him biting a chunk out of your body, he’s definitely the most intimidating of the Zombie Bells to workout with.

All four of these Onnit Zombie Bell kettlebells are crafted with chip-resistant iron, so if you want to workout with them, they’ll stand the test of time. If you want to display them as works of art, they’re perfect for that too. They’ll also make incredible weapons should a zombie apocalypse take over the world at any time.

As I said, these Zombie Bells can be displayed as works of art, and that’s not hyperbole. They are beautifully crafted with incredible attention to detail. Each Zombie Bell is made to human skull proportions. They’re balanced perfectly as well, so if you do want to work out with them, you can, and they’re feel just like a traditional kettlebell will. But these are infinitely more badass.

Like the Primal Bells, the Zombie Bells are available for a limited time only. If you want to buy one, don’t wait. If you think you might want the whole collection, scoop them all up. If you choose either of the two biggest Zombie Bells in your order, you’ll also get a pair of Onnit Zombie Bell wrist guards to sweeten the deal.

Happy Halloween!

Onnit Zombie Bell Kettlebell

Onnit Zombie Bell KettlebellUpdate 10/28/13: The Onnit Zombie Bell Kettlebells have now been released! They’re are on the Onnit website, there are four varieties, and they are limited in stock! If you’ve been wanting one of these, now’s the time to jump on them before they’re gone!

I’m a fan of zombie movies and I have been for years. The ironic zombie trend became tired years ago as far as I’m concerned and it can die at any time now–no pun intended. That being said, Onnit is hopping on the zombie bandwagon with the introduction of a new Zombie Bell, and it looks amazing.

What’s a Zombie Bell you ask? Well, it’s just like the Primal Bells that Onnit introduced earlier this year, but instead of using the head of a chimpanzee, gorilla, or an ape, this kettlebell features the head of a zombie. You can pretend it’s a severed zombie head that you swing around to prepare for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Like the Primal Bells that came before it, the Onnit Zombie bell is crafted from chip-resistant iron and it features an enlarged handle for enhanced grip strength. It’s also perfectly balanced, so the Zombie Bell not only looks badass, it’s functional as a traditional kettlebell, or as a piece of artwork.

It’s not known currently whether the Onnit Zombie Bell will be available for purchase, but I’ll let you guys know if and when it does become available. In the meantime, head over to the Onnit Labs Facebook page where you can enter the Zombie Sweepstakes to win a zombie survival kit package that includes the Zombie Bell, a steel mace, a new Onnit zombie T-shirt, Alpha Brain, and a couple zombie survival books as well.